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Blind singer with developmental delay stuns judges with performance

Having a developmental delay didn’t stop this young man from showcasing his awe-inspiring talent to the world.

singer with developmental delay


22-year-old Kodi Lee was assisted by his mom and a cane when he went onstage for his America’s Got Talent audition. Kodi is blind and has autism, but these developmental delays didn’t kill his spirit.

The young man looked every bit happy, and he cheerfully responded to the judges’ questions when he was asked.

His mother, Tina, told the judges that Kodi loved music “really early on.”

“He listened, and his eyes just went huge, and he started singing. I realized he’s an entertainer. Through music and performing, he was able to withstand living in this world, because when you’re autistic, it’s really hard to do what everybody else does. It actually saved his life playing music,” Tina said.

Singer with developmental delay.


When it was time for him to perform, the doting mother assisted his son to the piano, and Kodi began singing his own rendition of “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway.

Minutes into the performance, Simon Cowell’s eyes went wide – it looked like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

developmental delay


Julianne Hough’s mouth was gaping as Kodi’s beautiful voice rang throughout the whole auditorium.

Even Terry Crews was feeling it! The host was backstage with the rest of Kodi’s family. Gabrielle Union, the new judge for this season, clasped her hands together and intently listened to Kodi’s soulful take on the song.



By the end of Kodi’s performance, the whole auditorium erupted in loud applause and cheers – every single one of the audience members was on their feet! They did not see a person with developmental delay, they saw a beautiful and talented singer perform right before the.

Howie Mandel was the first to speak, and he informed Kodi right away that all four judges and everyone in the audience were on their feet after his performance.

Gabrielle was so touched by the performance and related to Tina’s role as a mother, as she just became a mom herself this year.



She said:

“I’m a new judge this season and I’m also a new mom this year. It’s the toughest job I’ve ever had and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. You just want to give your kids the moon, the stars, and the rainbows, and tonight I’m gonna give you…”

Then, Gabrielle went and pressed the Golden Buzzer! This means that Kodi will go straight to the finals.

It was truly a magical moment. Everyone rose to their feet once again and loudly cheered for the new star.



This time, Julianne couldn’t stop her tears from falling.

With tears in his eyes, Kodi jumped for joy and his family joined him onstage to celebrate.

Indeed, Kodi’s performance is one of the most memorable auditions in the show so far.

“What just happened there was extraordinary,” said Simon. “I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

Watch the full video of Kodi’s performance below and grab some tissues – you’ll need them for sure!

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