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Sibling group blows judges away with beautiful voices and perfect harmonies

With over 129 franchises in the world, The Voice is truly one of the most exhilirating singing competition on TV. Undeniably, one of the highlights of the unique singing competition is its blinds audition. During this stage, auditionees sing with the judges’ seats turned from them, without the judges’ ability to see them, audiences hold their breath in anticipation whether the auditionees will make it or not.

One remarkable blinds audition is from The Voice Australia. The trio, who are actually siblings, called Homegrown is the embodiment of the saying ‘talent runs in the family.’ The siblings, namely, Katelyn, Kasey, and Liam O’Donoghue performed a perfect harmonized rendition of Tracy Chapman’s Fast CarThe judges cannot help themselves but push the button and turn their seats towards the siblings.

The judges, having no idea it was a trio performing on the stage, were blown away when the Homegrown started their performance with a beautifully harmonized acapella. Liam began playing the guitar while Katelyn was the first to sing. The judges listened with interest as Kasey, finally joined Katelyn with a bit higher voice range than her sister.

It was when Liam, the only thorn among the roses, joined his sisters that the judges pushed their buzzer with such eagerness. Their voices simply jive and compliment each other’s. It was Joe Jonas who immediately turned his chair , Deltaa. and Kelly followed through. Katelyn was overwhelmed with the interest and appreciation expressed by the three judges. And even though the vocally gifted girl choked up a bit, she and her siblings did not miss a beat. As the judges eagerly listened to the siblings, their supportive parents were happy and proud for them in the backstage.

Boy Gorge, the fourth judge, tried to hold himself from turning, but the relaxing harmony of the siblings won his judgement. In the very last minute, the Homegrown got an impressive four-chair turn. Joe, Delta, and George even gave the talented trio a standing ovation.

In the end of their audition, the siblings chose the judge who was the first to turn his chair. They chose Joe Jonas to be their coach in the next stage- The Battle Rounds!

In an interview, the three siblings shared that they have been singing since they were children. Their childhoon in Queensland, Australia sharpened and improved their confidence as they got used to singing in front of a crowd, big or small. The talented trio has been also joining festivals and talent competitions. Sometimes, they perform on the streets as well.

Watch the video and be prepared to be blown away by the homegrown talent of the three siblings. Their beautifully harmonized voices will surely set you up in a good mood.

Image Grab on YouTube | The Voice Australia 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.