Reporting on animal shelter, lonely dog hugs journalist and refuses to let go

When a journalist went to an animal shelter to cover a story, he expected that it would just be an ordinary stint. He would leave with a few quotes, capture some photographs, and the day is considered done.

But what he didn’t know was that this day would be extraordinary, for him and for one fellow at the shelter.

When the unnamed journalist arrived at the shelter, all the dogs immediately began surrounding him. They sniffed and moved closer, curious about this stranger who was visiting their home.

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The dogs began to wander off after a while, except for one. The pup didn’t just linger, instead, he went up onto his hind legs and hugged the journalist’s right leg! Then, he rested his head on the journalist’s hips.

Noticing that the dog was craving for love and affection, the journalist began petting the dog’s head. The pup felt relaxed and closed its eyes, savoring the head rubs and attention he was getting from this stranger.

The man didn’t even try pushing the dog away, possibly because he felt endeared to this animal who so clearly was longing for human touch.

All the workers at the shelter were amazed at how the dog and this man quickly bonded, even though they were just seeing each other for the first time. The dog clung on to him as if he never wanted to let go.

Via Screen Grab | YouTube

The brief moment that the journalist spent with the dog truly warmed his heart, and he knew that he just couldn’t leave him at the shelter. Determined to keep the dog by his side, the man eventually adopted him and took him home!

The outcome of this sweet encounter is what we’ve all been hoping for. Now, the pup could enjoy unlimited head rubs and hugs from his owner!

The video of this adorable moment went viral on Reddit and Facebook, and other people who watched it were inspired by this story of how this dog “chose” his human. One Facebook user said that her Black lab just showed up on her doorstep.

If this isn’t love at first sight, then we don’t know what is. While it is said that cats choose their owners and not the other way around, it looks like the same might be true for our canine friends.

Watch the video below to witness the heart-tugging moment.

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