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There’s scientific evidence that clutter causes anxiety and stress

After spending hours in a demanding working environment, finally being at home gives you a sense of peace. After all it is the place where you can lay on your bed to end a tiring day, or enjoy a warm bath to calm your nerves. However, study shows that finding serenity at home is quite an impossible feat if your home is filled with clutter.

In article Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter wrote for Psychology Today,  clutter play a vital role in affecting how you feel about your home, workplace, and yourself. According to the researcher, homes and workplaces surrounded by clutter make people feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed.

Wondering how a messy room could bring so much anxiety and stress? The answer lies with these eight scientific reasons according to Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter:

[1] Clutter over-stimulates the senses 

When a room is surrounded by clutter, our senses, especially our sense of sight is overstimulated. There are a lot of things activating our senses, causing it to be overworked on stimuli that are not of any importance. Leaving you feeling more tired and exhausted.

[2] Clutter takes a big part of your attention

Have you ever worked in a messy environment? Can you imagine being able to work in a place littered with too many unnecessary things? According to Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter, working in a messy environment steals your focus and attention. Instead of paying attention to the task you need to work on, your mind is overly distracted by the mess you are surrounded with.

[3] Relaxation cannot be equated with clutter

Relaxing in a room piled up with clutter is an impossible task. As per Dr. Carter, clutter sends a signal in your brain that makes you want to clean the mess. This is mentally exhausting, and when you finally give in to your instinct, your body will be physically tired as well.

[4] Clutter manipulates the mind into thinking that work is never done

A pile of mess surrounding you tricks your mind into thinking that you have not accomplished anything, even if you have already do so hours ago. An untidy environment will never give your mind any sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

[5] Disorganization causes anxiety

It is easy to lose important stuff in the pile of mess surrounding you. Not knowing where your belongings are and the taxing process of looking for it under the pile of rubish can cause anxiety to some people.

[6] Clutter causes guilt and embarrassment

There is a reason why mother’s hate having unannounced and unexpected visitors in the house. Cleaning your home and your workplace is a part of your responsibility, thus when other people see your space filled with mess, it triggers a feeling of guilt and embarrassment.

[7] Clutter restricts your mind from being creative and productive

An open space and a tidy environment frees your mind, helping you think creatively and be more productive. As per Dr. Carter, untidy environment is not healthy for thinking, problem-solving, brainstorming, and other brain boosting activities.

[8] Clutter causes feelings of anger and frustration

Peace of mind cannot be achieved in a messy environment. Being surrounded by clutter triggers anger and frustration. A lot of people hate dealing with mess, especially after a long day of work. That’s why most mothers are irritable whenever their children won’t clean their home.

The study conducted by Dr. Sherrie Carter is supported by a research studied by UCLA’S Center on Everyday Lives and Families. This study shows the chemical relationship between clutter and anxiety and stress. According to the study, women who live in cluttered and messy environments have higher levels of ‘cortisol,’ also known as the hormone responsible for releasing stress.

The next time you find yourself not being productive as you want to be, or being irritable for no apparent reason, take a good look at the environment surrounding you. Maybe today is the right time to declutter your home and free yourself from eyesores that make you uncomfortable and uneasy. After all, life is too short to stress yourself with trivial things.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.