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Retired man buys beat-up old bus and transforms inside into fairytale paradise

Retiring from work is what most people look forward to. It means that they would no longer have to deal with the 8-5 daily grind. Some people travel to their dream destinations, while some opt to save up their retirement fund so they can get by their daily needs.

There is not much activity that people can think of for retirement. But, 70-year old Greg Flint did a very unique goal that the young and old dream of: building a fairy tale – like paradise out of a beat-up old bus.

The story starts when Flint and his friends (a couple) agreed to drive the 30-foot long 1965 Chevy bus, which they named “Buster”, to Mexico when Greg successfully repaired it. But as fate unfolded, the couple broke up.

Flint offered the couple money to buy Buster, but they refused any monetary compensation and gave Buster for free instead.

Now, “Papa Smurf” as his friends call him, finally transformed Buster into a fully-functioning home that looks like it was built by the Smurfs. Buster already had major modifications in the
past such as the welded upper windows that gave way to more build-able space and natural airflow.

Buster looks like an old broken bus on the outside, but the inside can transport you to an entirely cozy, new place. It has a new interior which was Bilbo Baggins hobbit hole-inspired.

The Interior and Furniture

Flint designed the bus interior using old, twisted cedar tree. He used logs for the structural support of the major corners.

These materials give the old bus a nature-inspired organic light-filled room. He used the same materials to build the cabinets, chairs, tables, book shelves, and dressers.

The Kitchen

As a fully-functioning home, Buster also has a kitchen where Flint can prepare his food. He made use of an old cedar chest that his daughter gave him. He used it to build the counter-top, kitchen table, and bench backs.

In order to maximize the space, he covered the stove-top with copper which was also used as an extension to the table.

He also placed the same material over the stove to direct the fumes out of the window and curved wooden poles where the kitchen utensils are hanged. The construction of the kitchen complements the overall interior of the old bus.

The Fireplace

Buster used to have an old iron wood stone which overheated the entire space and forced Flint to eradicate the fire. This left him freezing during the winter. This time, Flint made sure that his new home is cozy even during the cold days. He replaced the wood stone with a soapstone fireplace stove which can hold fire for two to three hours without overheating the space.

As a retired skilled builder and stonemason, Flint sure did an awesome job building his dream retirement home. If you are impressed with his skills and passion, don’t forget to share this feel-good story on Facebook.

Images via Claire Flint

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.