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Tiny succulents grow as adorable rabbit-shaped plants in Japan

About three decades ago, the plants that once littered the desolate lands of Sahara and other deserts are now populating office desks, window sills, and garden shelves. On top of those, succulent plants have also taken over various social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Wondering why a lot of people are such a huge fan of these tiny little flowers? With people juggling various works while keeping in touch with their family and loved ones, people found comfort in knowing that these tiny little flowers would survive despite their busy lifestyle.

Because succulents can thrive even on dry and arid places with little water people love their low maintenance nature. In addition, even though they need little to no pruning, succulents are still stunning to look at. It is no wonder why people often use them to decorate their work area and space at home!

Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Definitely there is a succulent plant perfect for each and everyone! But aside from common aloevera, roseum, and snakeplant, another variety of succulents is stealing the heart of the citizens of Japan and netizens across continents!

Photo | Etsy

The Monilaria Obconica specie of succulent stands out among the rest. With its sprout splintering unto two separate leaves once it has grown, the rounded leaves look like the ears of a rabbit. This type of succulent resembling an adorable bunny has taken the internet by storm!

During its early stages, the bunny succulent grows two tiny and thin leaves.

Instagram | Bobkat0827

As it continuously grow, the leaves begin to resemble the ears of a rabbit. Once it has completely mature, the long and rounded leaves that look like a bunny begins to bend under its own weight- finally showing the white flowers on its yellowish centerfold.

Once this rare succulent has shown its white flowers, it can drop its moniker of bunny succulent and be referred to as the String of Pearls!

Although the bunny succulents does not keep its rabbit-like feature, its charming and adorable appearance is very hard to receive. There is no wonder why a picture of a bunny succulent posted on Twitter by user @celely1128 garnered over 30,000 retweets and even fan arts!

Commonly priced at $3 per 10 seeds, bunny succulents or the string of pearls is an affordable spring decor that is simply perfect for the Easter season!

The bunny succulents are not only cute plant decoration, looking at the photo above, one can say that it is perfect for people with a cool personality! The bunny succulents pictured above simply screams “netflix and chill!”

These colorful bunny succulents pictured above are also irresistibly charming they will surely melt your heart!

Twitter  @TabababatA

The bunny succulents are so charming it sparked other people’s creativity and imagination. In response with the viral photos of bunny succulent posted on @celely1128 Twitter account, @TabababatA Twitter user shared her awesome fan arts!

Twitter | @TabababatA

A lot of people dreamed of owning a rabbit once in their life. But due to their busy lifestyle and the huge responsibility owning a pet brings, some did not get their dream pet. Fortunately, they can realize part of their dream buy owning bunny succulents instead! They may not come close to a live rabbit but for someone who is looking to care for a low-maintenance and furr-less baby, the bunny succulent is the perfect companion for you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.