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Post Malone goes viral for his kindness when meeting fan with Autism on his birthday

Rap superstar Post Malone is winning hearts online after a video of him meeting a fan with autism on his birthday went viral.

Post Malone was at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, when he met Andrew Schumacher, who was celebrating his 21st birthday at the restaurant with his family and friends.

The table next to Andrew sent the 9-time Grammy-nominated rap artist a bottle of sake, so the rapper walked over to thank the group. As he was about to return to his table, Andrew’s mom, Nicole Schumacher, told him that her son was a huge fan and would love to meet him.

Post Malone, known for his kindness and heartfelt interactions with fans, was happy to stop by their table.

In a video shared by Nicole on Instagram and TikTok that has since gone viral, the 26-year-old “Sunflower” singer can be seen shaking Andrew’s hand.

“I’m Austin, nice to meet you,” Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, introduced himself.

Nicole then told him it was Andrew’s 21st birthday and that he was trying his first beer.

“Ya? What kind of beer you get? That’s a tough choice. Not for me but…,” Post Malone said as the group laughed.

“He has autism and knows all of your songs,” Nicole told the musician.

“Dude, thank you for listening,” Post Malone responded. “That’s so sweet and nice to meet you.”

“Have fun dude, but not too much fun,” the rapper added.

“He was so incredibly kind and patient with our son who has autism. Andrew has a hard time speaking and Austin was so natural and sweet with him,” Nicole told FOX 11 about the chance meeting.

Nicole said that when the rapper walked into Matsuhisa, she asked Andrew if he knew who he was, and her son replied, “Austin.”

“I wasn’t sure if that was his real name until he walked over to our table to introduce himself,” she said.

In the comments, people commended Post Malone’s humility and noted how he appears to remain sweet despite his immense success and worldwide fame.

“Working with clients w autism I’m so impressed by Posty’s acknowledgment and conversation with Andrew. Eye contact, the social cues, this is so dope!” commented one person.

“I love celebrities who are nicer than most regular people,” said one top comment.

Other people shared stories of their own encounters with Post Malone.

“He has always been this kind. Met him in Weho and bought us a drink & invited us to his first album release party. Humble as heck,” one wrote.

“Few years ago I worked at an event where he was playing. Post came out back and went around thanking everyone. That stuck with me, really seems like a genuine person,” another shared.

Other parents of kids with autism also commented on the heartwarming video.

“Brought tears to my eyes! Such sincerity in Mr. Austin’s eyes!! I always tell people that are kind to my son, I will take that memory to my grave!! Hope your son can come surf with us! Malibu June,” wrote one.

“This hit me in all the right ways… literal tears!! I’m a lucky mama to an autistic 9 yr old boy and this is my dream for him… a million moments just like this,” commented another.

Nicole and Andrew are from Canton, Ohio, and were in town visiting her other son working in Los Angeles, so this surprise meet and greet with Post Malone was the icing on the cake.

Post Malone is currently working on a new album called “twelve carat toothache,” which will be released soon, according to his January interview with Billboard magazine. It’s expected to be around 45 minutes long, which, if true, will make it his shortest album so far.

The new album will be the artist’s first since 2019’s wildly successful “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

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