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Olly, the good dog who got famous for his bad performance

Dogs who compete in dog shows and competitions spend years of training for the big day. And when they’re joining something as prestigious as Crufts, they train even more.

Being known as the world’s greatest dog show, Crufts holds an annual competition for dogs of different breeds, from various countries. This highly regarded competition was established in 1891.

When Olly, a Jack Russell Terrier, joined Crufts in 2017, he immediately stood out and caught the attention of many, including the commentator – but not for the reason you’d expect:

Apparently, Olly was a bit all over the place – but it didn’t matter – he was having fun!

For everyone who became worried because of Olly’s headfirst diving, no need to worry. He was cleared by the veterinarians right after he finished the course and was even given a soothing massage.

Although he didn’t win last year’s agility competition, nothing stopped this enthusiastic dog from joining again this year:

Evidently, Olly, again, chose to have fun rather than taking the competition seriously! His playful antics won the hearts of many and he was a fan favorite.

‘Though Olly just became popular from his 2017 agility performance, he actually joined in 2016, too. He was just as playful and naughty – running to spots not included in the course as well.

Olly’s owner and trainer Karen Parker, said that Olly isn’t actually like this during training. She said that Olly can successfully and beautifully complete obstacle courses. He’s been training for four years. Karen said that but when she takes Olly to dog shows, he just loses it.

Despite being unsuccessful in completing the agility course properly, Karen loves Olly very much.

Sadly, Olly’s story didn’t start as happy as it is now.

Karen adopted Olly from a shelter where he was just abandoned when he was just six weeks old. He was left in a cat carrier. Luckily, someone brought him to the animal charity Blue Cross, where Karen found him.

Karen said she believes that Olly and her were meant to be together as Olly was supposed to be reserved for another family. However, Karen didn’t give up and still checked on the dog, and later found out that the family that was supposed to have Olly changed their mind. Eventually, she became Olly’s owner. She said that she fell in love with Olly right away, even though Olly became instantly naughty and started humping her foot at their first meeting.

Olly finally joined Karen’s family when he was just 10 weeks old.

This cute Jack Russell Terrier is a representative of the Blue Cross Charity for Crufts rescue dog agility contest. Showing that rescued dogs just like Olly are just as lovable as other dogs can be an eye opener to everyone and encourage them to adopt more.

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