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Okra is the food to go for those who are regulating their blood pressure and sugar, according to experts

Believe it or not, the thin green plant which is commonly known as ladies’ fingers or Okra, is highly beneficial to your health. Hiding inside the simple herb is a powerful natural remedy against today’s deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even fatigue!

This powerful flowering plant belongs to the same plant family of hibiscus and cotton. And it’s edible seedpods are boasting of potassium, zinc, copper, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium.

Aside from it being a rich source of minerals and vitamins, the Okra is also a great source of dietary fiber and is good for those who are on a diet due to its low-calorie count. Thus, Okra is the food to go for those who are regulating their blood pressure and sugar.

Listed below are the amazing effects Okra has on our health, making it truly a superfood in its own right!

[1] Okra boosts your immune system! 

Okra is rich in antioxidants that help our body fight free radicals. In addition, with Okra containing a high Vitamin C, our immune system is stimulated to produce white blood cells.

These white blood cells are responsible for fighting foreign pathogens from weakening our immune system. Hence, if you want to stay away from colds and flu, then load your plate with more Okra!

[2] Okra improves your vision!

Okra is a great source of Vitamin A and antioxidants such as beta carotenes, canthein, and lutein. These antioxidants, combined together, are efficient in destroying free radicals that weaken the cell. 

Thus eating a mouthful of Okras a day, will surely protect your eyesight from macular degeneration and development of cataracts!

[3] Okra regulates Diabetes!

According to medical and nutrition studies, Okra holds a promising demonstrated potential for improving the blood sugar levels of those who have gestational diabetes. In addition, Okra is low in saturated fats and calories which help in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol level!

[4] Okra replenishes one’s body from fatigue! 

Okra is not only beneficial for the physical health but as well as to our mind. Did you know that Okra has been proven to be effective in fighting against fatigue? According to studies, Okra contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids that promote glycogen storage in the liver.

This glycogen works as our body’s fuel reserve, which means that eating an adequate amount of Okra every day, loads your body with a handful amount of glycogen that would replenish one’s energy.

[5) Okra satisfies your hunger cravings!

Okra is a vegetable rich in soluble fiber. This soluble fiber, when consumed, helps you feel fuller and satisfied for a longer period of time as compared to other food.

Thus, when one feel full, you are reducing your chances of giving in to impulsive cravings that leads to unwanted weight gains.

[6} Okra strengthens your bones!

Okra is a great source of vitamin K, a vitamin which is necessary for your bones and blood. On top of that, it is also rich in Vitamin A which is an important vitamin for your bones to remain strong and healthy.

Thus, if you want to keep brittle bone and osteoporosis at bay, then start eating a healthy amount of Okra!

[7} Okra promotes good digestion!

A bacteria called H. pylori bacteria can infect one’s stomach lining and cause inflammation commonly known as gastritis. Fortunately, the juice of an Okra contains anti-adhesive compounds that bind itself to the free-floating bacteria inside our gut. This way eating Okra daily is capable of keeping your digestion free of irritants and bowel diseases!

With all of these mighty benefits that eating Okra bring to your body, I’m sure you cannot wait to develop new recipes having Okras as the star of your main course!

(Note: This article is for informational purposes only and not to be treated as professional advice. )

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.