Mom thought 2-year-old wouldn’t remember soldier dad, films sweetest reunion

There is an unexplainable joy in knowing that a kid’s eyes can sparkle and twinkle just by looking up to you. Seeing their big eyes fill with excitement and their bright contagious smile welcoming you home after hours of working, is enough to refresh your body and mind.

Amanda Taylor and her husband, Sgt. Brenden Taylor are blessed to have two beautiful daughters. When their first bundle of joy was born, Sgt. Taylor was deployed and was not able to be there for his family. On the other hand, he got 9 months to spend with his youngest daughter when she was born before being deployed once more.

For the first time mom, Amanda admitted that she was beyond nervous when her husband was deployed again. First of her concerns is that she would be left to take care of two growing girls. Second, she’s wondering how would her daughters feel and think about their father leaving home from time to time? Will they feel that their father was mad at them? Will they feel unwanted?

As if fate is making fun of Amanda’s situation, in just two hours after Sgt. Taylor boarded on the plane, their first child already began wailing, not wanting to stop until her father, Sgt. Taylor arrive and comfort her once again. Realizing how her first daughter can no longer simply spend time with her father just like they used to any time they wanted, Amanda started feeling helpless.

After her husband was deployed, Amanda cannot help but feel lonely and empty. The intensity of how much she is looking forward to be with her husband is hard to ignore, especially when her eldest daughter would ask where her father is when she is not feeling well.

After time passed by, Amanda realized that nothing good would come out of entertaining negative thoughts. Instead of thinking about how long it would take for Sgt. Taylor to come home, Amanda decided to make a count-down instead. She even made a counting down game and shared it to her daughters.

Hence, knowing just how much important it is for Sgt. Taylor to be with his family, particularly with their children,  Amanda thought hard and planned how will she prepare for the athlete’s homecoming.

175 days after their day of deployment, Amanda would finally see her husband and daughters bond with each other.  The day Amanda has been longing for arrived, Sgt. Taylor’s bus approached them.

Much to Sgt. Taylor’s surprise, his eldest daughter started yelling ‘Daddy!’ with so much enthusiasm and energy. “Daddy get off the bus!” Their first-born daughter screamed at Sgt. Taylor with so much excitement and enthusiasm.  And right after he was out of the bus, the toddler would quickly let go of Amanda’s hands to hold the father she missed so much.

“I don’t think I’ve ever witness a smile from my husband like I did that day when he finally got his little girls in his arms again” in addition,  “deployments end; love doesn’t..”

The tear-jerking reunion of a deployed father and his longing daughter will surely stay into your minds. It sure is not a joke to be apart from your family, and not be there by their side when they are at their happiest and saddest. The tight embrace and the sweet kisses Sgt. Taylor has for his wife and daughters speak for how much he missed his family, his inspiration, and source of strength!

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