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Miki Sudo ‘devours’ the competition at hot dog eating contest

We bet you can’t beat this Las Vegas native in a hot dog eating contest! And we STRONGLY warn you not to even try doing this at home. Miki Sudo is a professional in her field of ‘super-eating’ and it takes years of practice to get to her level.

Miki Sudo, the reigning Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, bagged her fifth winning belt after chowing down 37 wieners and buns in 10 minutes despite the high temperatures and humidity during the competition day.

Even at an impressive number, 37 hot dogs and buns aren’t Sudo’s career-best – it’s 41. Regardless, the champion is still pleased with herself for another fourth of July triumph.

“I really wasn’t looking to beat my personal best or even a record. A win is a win,” Sudo told reporters. “Today everybody’s numbers were a little bit lower, maybe because of the heat, I don’t know what it was. When I saw that I had a considerable lead, at one point by eight hot dogs, I said, it’s fine, I’m done.”

Her top competitors, Michelle Lesco from Tuscon, Arizona, wolfed down 28 hot dogs and buns, earning her the second prize. Juliet Lee from Maryland finished with 25 and placed third.

Sudo was an obvious fan-favorite, as the crowds cheered loudly for her during her entire performance. There were thousand of attendees at the venue, with most of them donning mustard-colored hot dog caps. They all braved the heat to witness this annual contest of supereaters.

The competition that took place in Coney Island was further intensified by the heat, and it definitely took a toll on the hot dog eating participants.

Lesco dumped a whole bottle of water over her head halfway through the competition and Sudo, looking all red-faced, ate two dogs at a time while beads of sweat were streaming down her face.

“It was definitely warm today,” Sudo commented.

Photo credit: Val Bromann |

But despite the humidity, Sudo was able to pick up her pace on the 4-minute mark, when she has clocked in 23 hot dogs and buns, as compared to Lesco and Lee who were both still at 19.

Aside from a pink belt, Sudo took home $10,000 for the incredible feat. For sure, Sudo will be gracing the stage at Coney Island for the next hot dog eating contests to come.

Watch Miki Sudo in action below:

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