Meet Lotus: the majestic Maine coon cat who is a gigantic ball of love

Lotus, a Maine Coon cat is a star in his own right!

Instagram is a popular social media platform to the millennial, in which they can share numerous pictures of themselves to document their life. By keeping one’s family, friends, or the entire public updated in your life, one can gain astounding number of so-called ‘followers.’

Usually, those who have a massive followers on Instagram are celebrities or Vloggers who give their audiences a glimpse to their interesting and fast-paced lives. But did you know that notable personalities are not the only one who shine in Instagram?!

Lotus with over 100,000 followers, the majestic Maine Coon cat even has more followers than most people in Instagram.

Perhaps you are wondering, ‘what is it about Lotus the Maine Coon cat that people enamors people?’ Well, with his distinctive long fur around their face, the Maine Coon cat resembles a lion. Making him more appealing, Lotus the Maine Coon cat has big fully paws, a soft and cotton candy-like tail, and majestic lynx-like ears.

Maine Coons are hailed as the Gentle Giants. Despite their humongous size, Maine Coons are not intimidating felines. In fact, they are popular for their loving personality, hence they are described as gentle cats. Unlike most cats who are aloof, Maine Coons are friendly in nature.

In addition the male Maine Coons, such as Lotus, enjoy playing a lot. They take pleasure in playing and bonding with their owners. And since Maine Coons are great mousers by nature, they constantly seek active games as a replacement for their mouse-hunting activity.

Posted on Instagram are some of Lotus funny and adorable photos that will surely make you want to click the heart button!

#Woke-upLikeThis! Even though he’s just yawning, Lotus sure still looks charming. There’s no doubt his loving owner allows him to take the couch all by himself. Who would be able to say no to such an adorable cat?!


In spite of his social media status, the popular cat still has to help in the kitchen prepare dinner.


Isn’t he handsome? With his sleek ties and clean appearance, it sure smells like someone’s going on a dinner date!


Don’t worry it’s not a lion. The girl is perfectly safe and relaxing with our Instagram star.


With such beautiful and glorious mane, Lotus looks regal without even trying! And though he seems to be in a serious mood, his fluffy mane makes him all the more irresistibly adorable.


It’s just one of those windy days and Lotus’ long fur are simply out of control!


Most of all, who wouldn’t fall in love with Lotus’ infectious smile?! Just looking at his photo below puts me in a good and vibrant mood in an instant!


Snow? Cold? No worries! Lotus’s thick wavy fur is the perfect protection against freezing.


Which photos of Lotus do you like the most? SHARE your thoughts below the comment section and have a purr-ific day!

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