Customer gives McDonald’s employee free car after hearing about her struggles


How far would great customer service take you? As it turns out, very far! That is if we look at the story of one McDonald’s employee in South Hutchinson, Kansas who got the surprise of her life – all because of her great work attitude and a customer’s generous heart.

Earlier this month, Vicki Anderson was working the drive-thru window when she encountered a regular customer, Chris Ellis. During one of their talks, she asked him if he knew any car mechanic because her car needed repairing, but she didn’t have enough money to spend.

Ellis said that he never forgot about that conversation.

On January 9, 2019, Anderson was on duty taking customer’s orders when Ellis suddenly entered the McDonald’s. Denise Panek, her manager, had a video camera rolling while the man asked the Anderson to come outside with him. Anderson gave them both a puzzled look, but she complied and followed them outside.

As soon as they all got out, Ellis handed Anderson some keys.


“Let’s have a good day … Here’s a title and here’s a key. That black car is yours. I’ll give it to ya!”, Ellis told Anderson.

“No way,” Anderson can be heard saying on the video. “Thank you. God bless you.” The grateful Anderson gave the generous man a big hug.

Ellis explained that when he learned that his son Josh was selling his 2009 Black Pontiac, they decided to just simply clean it up and give it to her.

“That’s his old car,” Ellis told Anderson. “We made a deal and we’re giving it to you. … You’re a blessing to me. You make me smile every time you come through here.” Anderson then gave Josh a hug while saying her thanks.

Ellis said that whenever he encountered Anderson, she was always incredibly nice – so he decided to make her day, to thank her for the countless days that she made his.


“You make me smile every time I come through here — and I don’t forget stuff like that,” Ellis said.

The video that has been circulating online has touched many viewers. Ellis told ABC News that putting a smile on Anderson’s face was all that he wanted to do, and said that he had no idea that it would reach so many people.

Anderson vowed that she would pay the car donation forward.

“I just called my friend from church today, on my break, and she said God can predict miracles,” she said.


What an incredible story of generosity! It truly is the best thing when you are able to pay it forward, just like this man who went through great lengths to make a person’s day, all because her consistent kindness towards him touched his heart.

Watch the video below to see as Anderson received her surprise gift!

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