Man is about to throw out deceased wife’s plant – only for it to give him a sign

Beyond what it can offer aesthetically, houseplants are known to provide a variety of benefits to its owners. Being close to greenery makes people feel more at ease with their surroundings, thereby reducing feelings of stress.

Plants also improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. But this particular houseplant found in the home of Halifax resident, Frankie Allison, has been baffling plant specialists in the last two decades.

Here is the story.

It was on a Christmas Eve when Frankie’s wife, Maxine, won a contest for a call-in radio show. As her prize, she received a poinsettia – regarded by many as the most popular Christmas plant. Unfortunately, three days after receiving the plant, Maxine died from a heart attack.

Frankie was devastated from the loss, and the poinsettia plant that her wife just won a few days before was the last thing on his mind.

He decided to get rid of the plant since he knew that it was the type that usually didn’t last longer than the holiday season. In this case, however, it began growing at a surprising rate and has stayed alive for a very long time now – 19 years to be exact! In the almost two decades that it continued to flourish, the plant has now become absolutely massive.

The poinsettia is now extremely huge that Frankie no longer needs to buy a Christmas tree. Instead, he simply decorates the plant with lights. Believing that his late wife’s spirit is what’s keeping the plant alive, Frankie has dedicated his time taking care of it all year long.

He has taken up the sole responsibility of making sure that the plant continues to grow as a tribute to his deceased wife, who received it just days before her life ended.

He takes care of the poinsettia by watering it twice a week – which is all that it needs –and regularly giving it fertilizer. The plant looks amazing all year long but appears even more magical during the holiday season.

While Frankie may not be able to spend time with his wife anymore, the plant serves as a beautiful reminder of her life and presence, making him feel like Maxine is still with him even when she’s physically gone.

The plant is now more than five feet tall and weighs over a hundred pounds. It was just a very small plant when Maxine got it, but it has now grown so huge that everyone who sees it is in awe. The most bizarre thing about is that poinsettias only last a few months when grown inside. But this exceptional plant has lived for almost twenty years now – a wonder considering that it is merely a seasonal plant. Even plant specialists are mystified by it.

Frankie perceives this phenomenon as his wife’s way of taking care of him even when she’s gone. Now, he plans to keep the plant for as long he can to see if it will continue to grow bigger and of course, to keep his wife’s memory alive.

Watch the video below and share Frankie’s unique story now!

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