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Man builds secret shed in backyard, the inside reveals incredible devotion and tribute to timeless love

Charles ‘Lala’ Evans is a living testament that true love knows no ending. Not even death could stop the overflowing love he has for his deceased wife, Louise Evans. So just like how King Nebuchadnezzar built one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife, Amytis, Charles built a museum dedicated to his wife to remember the love they had shared.

Seven years after his wife’s death, Charles can still perfectly remember the magical moment he felt when he first saw Louise. “That must’ve been love at first sight,” Charles recalled with fondness in his voice. Since the day he first laid his eyes on Louise, he did not let a day pass by without his wife knowing how much he loves her.

When Louise Evans, wife of Charles for 59 years passed away, Charles’ world  turned upside-down. To say that he was devastated is an understatement of the pain his heart had gone through. Fortunately for the old man, he was able to find a therapeutic project that could turn the pain he’s feeling into something beautiful.

“We had talked about it before she passed that one day we want to build a museum to put these pictures in. We didn’t get a chance to do that but the idea never left my mind…” Charles thought of finally turning the plans he and Louise made together before Louise’s untimely death. “And so I said ‘I’m gonna do it anyway.”

Charles created the ‘Lala and Louise Land,’ (Lala being his nickname) a museum filled with pictures and mementos of him and Louise on his backyard. Pictures of Charles and Louise dancing with each other surrounded the walls of the museum, along with the music records they grooved with.

Charles and Louise have numerous beautiful photos that the walls of the museum seemed to run out of space to feature it. Charles shared that aside from dancing, he and Louise both love taking photos everywhere they went as a souvenir to the colorful life they have led.

“[Louise] never passed up an opportunity to take a picture, you know, and I don’t think I ever took a bad picture of her.” The romantic old man added.

According to the old man, out of all the pictures he had together with Louise, what he treasures the most is the photo of the last dance he shared with his deceased wife.

“I spinned her for the last time and dipped her, you know, and brought her back up and put one of them old little kisses on her and when he got to 59, you know, we was applauded pretty good.” Charles loves the photo so much that he posted it on the doorway so there will never be a day that he would not see it.

Charles also filled his outdoor space with colorful umbrellas, flowers, and windmills out of his penchant for vibrant and vivid colors. According to Charles, without his colorful outfit when he first met Louise, his wife may not have noticed him at all.

“I often told my wife: ‘Girl, if you hadn’t seen them colors, I probably never would’ve gotten married, you know.'” The old man shared in an interview with a big smile painted on his face.

“I know she’s up there still pushing me on, still rooting me on,” Charles shared. “People look at me and our story, and they look at it from my standpoint as a grieving type of situation, you know, but it’s not like that at all. It was just, I guess, it was just so beautiful. I didn’t have to grieve, you know what I mean? No, I didn’t have to grieve, yeah, it was just that beautiful.” 

Now, the hopeless romantic Charles simply looks at the brighter side of life.

Although he lost his wife, the commitment, time, memories, faithfulness they have invested in each other remain a beautiful memory of true love. With the Lala and Louise Land, Charles lives everyday with a positive and vibrant outlook.

The museum he dedicated to his and Louise’s story of true love warmed the hearts of thousands of people. It was even featured in the music video of ‘Monument’ by the Mutemath band.

Watch the beautiful testament of love shared by Charles and Louise below, truly proving to the world that love at first sight is real and it can last more than a lifetime!

Photos and Video | Daily Mail and Great Big Story

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