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Man loved his dog so much that he built a cozy little cabin in his backyard just for her!

This dog owner loved his pup so much, that he had a cozy backyard cabin built just for her!

Maya is one lucky pup in the company of her dad, David Connolly. Not only has she found a forever family and home in David’s arms, but she also has a place to call her own whenever she isn’t in her owner’s house.

David is the owner of Fencing Decking Specialists NI in the United Kingdom. Whenever possible, he takes Maya along with him to job sites. But on the times that he can’t, he had no choice but to leave Maya alone in the house.

David noticed that the dog preferred to hang out in the backyard on the days when she is left alone at the house. This gave him the idea to build a cozy cabin for Maya so she would be as comfortable as possible while he is away.

The end product of this idea is a fantastic cabin that is equipped with all the features that every canine will love!

“It has an insulated floor, porch, night light and a small heater as well, for the winter time,” David told The Dodo. “I built her cabin raised off the ground so as when she is lying inside her bedroom or on her balcony deck she can see over the top of the fence at passersby,” he added.

Maya loved the outdoors, and having a roof over her head is especially useful during those rainy days when David is at work.

When David gets back home at the end of the day, Maya prefers to stay with him at the main house. But during those times when he won’t be back until after sunset, David is comforted knowing that his best friend is never left in the dark because of the night light that he installed in Maya’s backyard cabin.

For David, going to all these efforts to build a luxurious cabin for his dog was a way of expressing how much she means to him.

“Maya is my best friend,” David said. “She is a loyal companion and I am trying my best to make her life as enjoyable and comfortable for her as I possibly can. Building her a comfortable little home is the least I could do.”

While the cabin was built for Maya to enjoy while David is away, the best times for Maya will always be the ones when she is with her dad.

“I believe dogs have a short time on this earth and we all must strive to take as much care and give them as much love as we can,” David added.

Check out the video below showing Maya enjoying her cabin during a rainy day.

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