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The popular ‘do-it-yourself’ guesthouse on Amazon is going to transform your backyard

Houses that have nice backyards are certainly an eye-catcher, and if you want to, you can build your own by simply purchasing a kit from Amazon!

These days, it seems like there is no limit to what we can DIY. And for the advanced crafter, Amazon has yet another project for you to get your hands on and create nice backyards – a guest house that would go well with your backyard!

The Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit is a 172-square-foot garden house kit made from Nordic wood. It retails for $7,250, with an estimated assembly time of 8 hours for two adults.

Aside from being a perfect addition to your backyard, the studio cabin kit can also be converted into a home office, guest house, potting shed, a pool house, or truly anything that you want! The possibilities are endless.

The indoors are eighty-six square feet in size while the remaining space acts as an outdoor. The covered patio can be set up as a kitchen or an al fresco dining area.

The kit includes everything you need to build the cabin, and don’t worry if you don’t have building equipment lying around the house, as minimal tools are needed to assemble it.

However, if you want to install electricity or other utilities in the tiny house, that’s an added expense because it is doesn’t come with the kit’s building materials.

An illustration indicates that you’ll need to create a foundation. But if this isn’t feasible, a concrete slab or gravel–and–wood beam base will do.

A bathroom is not included in the set, but according to the Allwood Outlet, “adding one is not difficult,” as there are DIY indoor bathroom kits that are available for purchase. We weren’t kidding when we said that almost everything could be DIY’ed now!

The neutral color of Nordic wood would work well in a variety of colors, but if you’d like to spruce it up a bit, feel free to paint the wooden walls of the structure – this tiny house is truly yours to customize!

But if this popular model gets sold out once again, an equally fabulous alternative is this Allwood Sommersby 174-Square-Foot Garden House Kit which retails for $8,360.

Nice backyards can greatly increase the value of houses, have you thought about upgrading yours?

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