Man breaks hip on way to buy ticket, wins share of $1 million when nurse asked him to join hospital lotto pool

Everyone once dreamed (still do) of having an incalculable amount of money. Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder why a lot of people join the lottery, especially today when the pot money can reached a staggering amount.

The 87-year-old Earl Livingston is among the thousands of Americans who wanted to try their luck in winning the Mega Millions pot money. Unfortunately, when the old man was on his way to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket on Tuesday he slipped and broke his hip. But it seems that luck is on his side because Earl Livingston won in a lottery even when he was not able to buy the much desired Mega Millions lottery ticket.

Wondering how could it be possible? Well, after breaking his hip, the old man from Blackwood, New Jersey was immediately taken to the Jefferson Stratford hospital. When the attending nurses asked him about what happened, Earl shared his disappointment over not being able to buy his lottery ticket.

Wanting to raise the spirits of the old man, a physician’s assistant let him join the hospital’s lottery pool which was also participated by 141 employees. And who would have thought that Earl would actually become the winner of the $1 million jackpot prize?!

“I didn’t believe him when he first told us,” Earl’s niece, Bobbie Mickle shared their initial reaction over their uncle’s stroke of luck. “We just thought he was confused because they had him on pain-killers. We were like, ‘Uncle Earl, I think they thought you won the lottery, but you didn’t win, right?”

Earl’s caring nieces were touched and beyond grateful by the kindness the hospital staff had shown to their beloved uncle. More than winning the lottery prize, knowing that there are people who cared to make their uncle happy is more than reassuring.

“These people showed so much compassion,” Bobbie said, expressing their family’s thankfulness over the compassionate act of kindness. “He really wanted this lottery ticket. They even put the money in for him. It’s just such a nice story.”

According to Bobbie, her uncle who is living on a fixed income is planning to use the lottery money he had won in settling his taxes.

The 87-year-old man successfully underwent hip replacement surgery on Thursday night. His niece reassured the public that her uncle is recovering well and that his financial windfall eased the pain.

“He’s already feeling great,” Bobbi shared. “He’s a strong man.”

The $1 million prize money will be equally divided to all of the hospital’s employee who chipped in $2 each so they can be included in the lottery pool. After deducting the federal and local government taxes each employee will receive about $4,800. This makes Earl an official member of the newly-dubbed Jefferson Stratford Thousandaires Club.”

“This is a story of good fortune, but also of great people,” Joe Devine, the President of Jefferson Health-New Jersey shared in one of his interviews. “When this gentleman expressed his disappointment around not having the chance to get a lottery ticket, our staff stepped in to brighten up his day. The team here goes above and beyond for their patients every day. This time, it happened to net an excellent reward for all!”

Meanwhile, Earl extended his words of gratitude to the people who helped and showed him kindness. “I want to thank everybody. I appreciate it very much and God bless you and have a happy, happy long life.”

Learn more about Earl’s awesome break of luck by watching the video below!

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