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A TikToker helps a ‘super-defeated’ author become a bestselling author overnight with a viral video

In pursuing our dreams, we commonly encounter voices of doubt and skepticism from those around us. Friends, family, or even strangers may question our aspirations, casting shadows of uncertainty on the path we’ve chosen.

However, it’s important to remember that the opinions of others should not define our potential or limit our ambitions.

Shawn Warner, a 58-year-old Texas man, pursued his childhood dream of becoming a writer after being laid off.

Despite facing discouragement from others, he published his first book, “Leigh Howard And The Ghosts Of Simmons-Pierce Manor,” last year.

Surprisingly, Shawn’s journey took an unexpected turn when he became a Texas bestselling author when a TikTok video of him selling his book at a grocery store went viral, according to PEOPLE.

TikToker Jerrad Swearenjin, also known as Red or “internetfamouslol,” captured the video of Shawn sitting alone at a table with his books in a Texas Kroger store.

Swearenjin noticed that Shawn appeared sad and decided to show him kindness by conversing.

“This new author seemed super defeated when I first walked past him. So before I left the store, I decided to go back,” the video text read.

“I was just shopping when I noticed this man trying to promote his new book,” Swearenjin captioned. “I honestly don’t even read books nowadays. But something told me to get a couple.”

The video gained immense popularity, with millions of views, likes, and comments, and many people expressing interest in purchasing Shawn’s book.

In the viral TikTok video, Shawn discussed the premise of his book, which revolves around a girl teaming up with a ghost with multiple personalities to solve the mystery of her parents’ murder.

Swearenjin shared his motivation for approaching Shawn, stating that he wanted to show kindness to a stranger, having experienced a lack of recognition despite working hard in the past.

As the conversation progressed, Shawn’s face lit up with joy when Swearenjin expressed interest in his books and offered support as a local author.

Swearenjin even requested a second signed copy to give away to his followers, aiming to generate more love and recognition for the Texas bestselling author’s work.

“I’m gonna gift it and see we can get you a little love on there,” he said, to which Warner joked, “Okay, I won’t say no.”

Swearenjin’s TikTok video featuring Shawn Warner quickly gained traction, garnering over 17.6 million views, 3.1 million likes, and more than 22,000 comments.

In a follow-up TikTok video, Swearenjin revealed the incredible impact of his first video.

Shawn’s book, which initially had only two reviews on Amazon, received nearly 200 reviews overnight.

This sudden surge in attention propelled Shawn to become a number-one bestselling author on Amazon.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support, Shawn, the Texas bestselling author, took to his TikTok account to express his gratitude.

He was in shock and struggled to find words to convey his appreciation for the unexpected events.

In another TikTok video, Shawn announced that his book would be released in hardcover and as an audiobook, with Theresa Bakken as the narrator, the New York Post noted.

Emotionally moved by the support from people worldwide, Shawn thanked Swearenjin and everyone who had shown kindness and generosity.

He shared his initial eagerness to talk to anyone due to a lull in book sales, making the subsequent positive outcome even more incredible.

Shawn’s aspiration was to write enjoyable books, and the overwhelming response he received surpassed his wildest imagination.

The Texas bestselling author’s book now boasts a spruced-up cover featuring his recent accolades as a worldwide #1 Amazon bestseller and TikTok famous with millions of views.

“It’s surreal; every time I sign a book, it’s almost like I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said.

Shawn’s journey from following his dream to achieving unexpected success through the support of strangers serves as an inspiring tale of perseverance, kindness, and the power of social media.

On the other hand, helping someone, even in small ways, can have profound and unexpected effects that ripple far beyond the initial act.

When we extend a helping hand or show kindness to others, we impact their lives and create a positive chain reaction that touches many more lives.

Watch Shawn Warner’s inspiring video showing how he became Texas bestselling author:

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