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Little girl’s daily dance-off with mailman brings joy to viewers: ‘My heart needed this’

The pandemic has made face-to-face interactions limited and, if not, impossible. However, this unlikely pair has found a beautiful way to form a special bond, even from a distance.

We’ve been cooped up in our homes for 10 months now, and to say that it has been a terrible time is an understatement. This global phenomenon has completely changed the way we live our lives, including how we interact with everyone.

Being in quarantine hasn’t been easy for everybody, especially for those people who lost their jobs or had to close their businesses because of the lockdown. The current situation has been so hard for us adults that we sometimes forget we aren’t the only ones feeling that way.

The young ones are fighting lockdown stress too, and just like us, they also need help to cope with it.

That is what this dad just realized when he noticed his daughter looking out of their window every day. Turns out, she was waiting for one special friend to arrive: their mailman.

The little girl waits eagerly by their window for Ian Simon, the postal worker assigned to their route. She absolutely loves it when he stops by their house because the guy does more than just drop their mail. He also engages in a friendly dance-off with her!

Avlina’s dad, who goes by the name Dr. David DC on his social media accounts, is a chiropractor and photographer. He said that since his three-year-old daughter could stand, she’s loved waiting by their window for Ian. After she greets him with a smile and wave, they both know what’s coming next.

Avlina will bust out some moves, and Ian will do the same from the outside, dancing even if there was no music.

Dr. David DC thought his toddler’s interactions with Ian were so adorable that he had to capture them on video. Apparently, he’s not the only one who noticed the pair’s cute dance sessions; their neighbors did too!

A neighbor in a house across the street captured a clip of Ian dancing in the family’s front yard while Avlina danced with him in the window. Surely, many people would be embarrassed to do such a thing in public, but not Ian. All he cares about is making the little lass happy!

These daily interactions have allowed the duo to form a special bond from a distance. This also gave Avlina something to be excited about at a time when everything seems so dull and lonely.

Being stuck at home has also been difficult for the child. Thankfully, Ian is there to cheer her up by dancing with her every day.

Turns out, this mailman has a knack for spreading joy. According to Dr. David DC, Ian “waves to everyone in the neighborhood and always has a smile on his face. He really helps her and all of us through this pandemic.”

“He’s an amazing mail person,” the dad wrote.

One Instagram user commented on how Avlina and Ian’s special bond touched her.

“The sweetest thing in the world. My goodness…it made me cry immediately!! Both of my parents were postal workers and I appreciate this so much!! Keep dancin!”

Another person said she was moved to tears upon seeing the clip.

“Thank you for making and sharing this beautiful video. I can’t stop watching it with tears in my eyes and Ian deserves every bit of recognition he gets from this…”

The duo’s dance-off video has blown up and has racked up millions of views online. Thousands of people have shared it, including Ian himself, who goes by the name @mailmanofthecentury on Instagram.

“Great way to start the day. My route is the best,” he captioned the video on Instagram.

On the other hand, Dr. David is overwhelmed by the positive response his video has received from people worldwide.

“Wow, I am literally so blown away by the sheer volume of kind words that I have inspired. People have said the nicest things about that video I made, about the mailman and my daughter. I just don’t even know what to say about it, other than thank you,” he wrote.

It’s been a challenging time for all of us, yet stories like this make us look forward to the day when we can all dance together again, without barriers separating us.

Watch Avlina and Ian’s adorable dances in the video below. Don’t forget to share this delightful story with your family and friends!


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Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Reminds me of when I was a Letter Carrier, fun times !

Saturday 23rd of January 2021

So many "good" people in the world doing nice things for others. Nice to see one of them shared. Thanks and keep dancing and waving!

Saturday 23rd of January 2021

this is great! made me smile!

Kelly Berg

Sunday 20th of December 2020

It pulls at the heartstrings in such a tender lovely way. Just beauty at its best in this time of need, for all of us I'm sure! Thank you 🙆🙆🙆🙆

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