This mailman is leaving gift cards and handwritten notes for graduates on his route

A mailman is also considered an essential worker in this time of pandemic. Like healthcare workers, postal workers are also frontline heroes who make sure we get important letters and notices from our mailbox.

US Postal Service essential worker Josh Crowell thought he could do more in these trying times apart from delivering mails. He kept seeing “2020” graduate signs on students’ lawns which made him feel bad about high school seniors who can’t walk up the stage to receive their diplomas.

Josh Crowell | Facebook

To brighten up their day, Crowell started leaving $5 Dunkin Donuts gifts cards in their mailboxes. He has two daughters and he knows how sad it can be for students to not have a proper graduation rite despite all their hard work.

Crowell said that his younger daughter had struggled in school learning-wise so when she finished high school in 2018, his entire family was in high heavens.

“To know that she was able to graduate and walk across the stage and get her diploma was very meaningful for her and for me. To know that the students for 2020 are not going to be able to do that is hard and sad,” Crowell said.

With this in mind, Crowell began buying $5 gift cards from Dunkin Donuts and a bunch of greeting cards. He would then go to work and write congratulatory messages to the graduates.

Josh Crowell | Facebook

$5 may not be that much but this is Crowell’s simple way of helping graduates de-stress. With a donut and an iced coffee, he hopes to make them feel better and more positive about their future endeavors.

So far, Crowell has left at least 25 gift cards and he plans to continue this “operation” throughout the summer. “I always keep a few extra in my lunchbox so, as I’m doing a route and I see a sign, I throw a stamp on it and put it in their mailbox. I hope that they are thankful that someone is thinking about them,” Crowell explained.

He may not be well-off but the fact that he pays for the gift cards out of his own pocket keeps him happy and satisfied. Knowing he has put a smile on someone’s face is enough for him to continue such a great deed.

Josh Crowell | Facebook

Apparently, Crowell’s kind thoughts and effort didn’t go into waste. He has received a lot of “thank you” cards from the graduates. All the messages are full of appreciation and gratefulness. Some students thanked Crowell for his sweet gesture and for being a responsible essential worker during the pandemic. They are all thankful for what he is doing not just for them but for the whole community.

Though all the schools are closed and graduates won’t be able to march this school year, educators, parents and even public figures find ways to celebrate this very special occasion.

Some are holding car parades and other events while still following social distancing. There are also families that decided to rent a stage so their children can march even in the vicinity of their homes.