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8-year-old boy celebrates after beating stage 4 brain cancer

Cancer is less likely to occur to in children as compared to adults. However, this does not discount the fact that cancer is still the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in America.

According to the latest statistics, more than 11,000 of children are diagnosed with cancer, and thousands of children with cancer perish each year. With this overwhelming number, cancer is a fearsome and threatening disease that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

But just like any other diseases, brain cancer can be beaten as well. Especially with today’s advancing technology, cancer is no longer a lost cause. Thanks to the continuous researches about how cancer works, there is a wide array of revolutionary treatments for cancer available today.

Two years ago, Cameron Scott, a young boy, fell down the stairs and was brought to the hospital after complaining about back pain. To check if the boy was seriously injured from the fall, doctors asked him to undergo for an MRI. What they thought was a simple pain from the fall turned out to be a rare brain tumor known as medulloblastoma, a tumor that spreads from the brain to the spinal cord.

“The doctor turned to the other doctors and said, ‘I need another MRI. I need you to scan upward.'” Wendell, Cameron’s supportive dad recalled.

According to Wendell, being a parent of a brain cancer patient is not for the faint heart. He had to wear a brave face, not only for himself, but for his son as well.

“I’m dad, and I have to be strong for everybody. I just felt we’re gonna fight,” Wendell shared.

Weighing 53 pounds, the 8-year-old Cameron had to undergo an intensive 4-hour surgery to remove the tumor from his body. Right after his surgery, the brave kid still needed to endure 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to fully recover.

To help Cameron beat brain cancer, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital used their own pioneered gene sequencing to get rid of the malignant tumor that spread on Cameron’s spine. 6 months later, the special treatment together with Cameron’s tenacious heart triumphed over cancer.

Cameron’s family acknowledged that this wouldn’t be possible without the help of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who also covered the costs of Cameron’s treatments.

“I feel amazing,” The 8-year-old Cameron, who is now hailed as a hero, shared how he feels after his intensive treatment. “I feel like I’ve been through everything.”

To celebrate the brave boy’s victory over cancer, his family along with his five older siblings headed to Legoland Florida Resort. Excited to spend time outside the confinement of the hospital and be a kid once again, Cameron arrived at the famous theme park with a vibrant smile. There, he met a lego mascot of his favorite superhero Batman and even wore a costume of him as well.

Wondering what is it about Batman that makes him so popular to Cameron? Well his reason will surely surprise you!

“His philosophy is, well, all of the other superheroes have super powers, Batman uses his brain.” Wendell explained on behalf of his courageous and heroic son.

Cameron is not the only one who has a favorite superhero. Apparently, even Wendell, his father, has one too. “He’s [Cameron’s] my hero,”  Wendell expressed in an interview.

Without a doubt, just like Batman, Cameron is a hero in his own right as well. His bravery and tenacious personality that did not give in to cancer is now inspiring millions of people all over the world.

Watch the video below and learn how an 8-year-old boy named Cameron rose victorious against his stage 4 brain cancer!  May his winning smile give us the courage and hope we need to win over life adversities!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.