Puppy found alone on recliner, La-Z-Boy is donating 50 pet beds to shelter that saved him

A puppy left alone with an old recliner and television was found on the side of a remote road last week in Mississippi.

Animal control officer Sharon Norton of Brookhaven was the one who responded to a call about an a dog left on the side of the road. As she drove to the scene, she told TODAY, “I felt sick to my stomach”.


There, she found a puppy lying on an old recliner looking famished.

“That poor baby; he’d been a good four or five days without food. I mean, he was skinny,” Sharon said.

dog dumped on recliner

She thinks that the hound/Doberman pinscher mix was waiting for his owner to come back, that’s why he didn’t leave the lounger to look for food. Plus, he was in an unfamiliar area, so it was natural for him to feel terrified.

“He was just too scared because it was a strange area. It’s a deserted road. On both sides it was nothing but woods,” she said.

She added that an interstate nearby could have put him in danger if he wandered away.

At first, Sharon couldn’t get the pup to move out of the recliner. So she hand-fed him food and that’s when he began to trust her. As she carried him to her truck, the officer could feel the puppy’s tail wagging.

“He was so happy because he knew he was going to get food now,” she said. “He was rescued and safe.”


Sharon, who is also a veterinary technician, cleaned up the dog and got him medical care. She named him La-Z-Boy Gatson after the recliner and the road where she found him.

She posted about the situation on Facebook, writing: “To the person that dumped this chair, your puppy was waiting for you to come back, slowly starving to death because it was afraid to leave the chair to find food. shame on you for doing this to this puppy.. but one day Karma will meet up with you.”

The team at Brookhaven City Shelter and several veterinarians have teamed up to nurse La-Z-Boy Gatson back to health. There are already local families who have expressed interest in adopting the pup once he’s ready.

dog abandoned on recliner

Furniture company La-Z-Boy learned of the puppy’s story and was so moved “by the work behind the organization and the amount of animals that are taken into the shelter each month,” according to a statement obtained by PEOPLE. So the company decided to donate to the rescue.

Aside from financial help, La-Z-Boy also sent 50 pet beds to the shelter to make sure that abandoned pets like La-Z-Boy Gatson will have comfortable beds to sleep on while they wait to find their forever homes.

The company is also contemplating launching a new outdoor pet bed that they will call “The Gatson” and including the puppy as part of it to recognize his loyalty and spirit.

Hopefully, these actions by La-Z-Boy will inspire others to donate to the rescue as well!

8 thoughts on “Puppy found alone on recliner, La-Z-Boy is donating 50 pet beds to shelter that saved him”

  1. Thankfully appreciate, Love shown. Should be like this all the time not leave someone behind, show love to those who are.

  2. Thank you Lazy Boy for caring about this precious puppy & all like him. Y’all are awesome! Thank you for saving his life!

  3. Yes dogs is a man best friend, shame on whoever did this to him,I cried when I saw him,and the officer who was feeding him, they are like children, they needs caring and love too!

  4. Dogs are our Best Friend! But sometimes we aren’t their best friend. Thanks Lazy-Boy for your gifts of the 50 DOG beds & financial help. Y’all make a super products and it shows y’all have a big Heart also.
    Ol’ Gaston deserves better and he’ll get it now. Your help will get him adopted and many more puppies also.

  5. May good Blessings come to Lazy-Boy for being so caring to help animals that people just do not care to keep. Animals are like a two year old child and for people to be so mean. Thank You!! Lazy-Boy for so caring. I am 70 plus and can not help in a big way. Thank goodness for people like you, I wish for good things to come your way.

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