Kindergartner dresses as school security officer for ‘Dress As Your Favorite Person Day’

When asked who he wanted to dress up as during his school’s “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day,” this 5-year-old boy from Arkansas had a definite answer – their school security officer.

We all have our idols, and for this boy named Easton Blocker, his was the man who keeps them safe in school daily, their security officer Jefferey Cross.

This week, he arrived at Bobby G. Lester Elementary School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, donning a yellow shirt, black pants, and black shoes to match his hero.


The kindergartner’s mom, Lauryn Blocker, told Good Morning America that his son was fascinated with Officer Cross. In fact, he liked to call him his “best friend.”

In preparation for the special day, Lauryn went out and bought a yellow shirt and pasted the words “Junior Security” at the back using vinyl letters.

Officer Cross, a father of one, has been working for the school since August, and he says that while he feels honored, he is shocked that Easton chose to dress up as him.

“Most of the scholars are expected to dress as their teachers or fellow classmates,” the 35-year-old security officer said.


“Easton, ever since the first day of school, he comes up and hugs me. He’s adorable. He has a very fun, high-spirited personality.”

The beloved guard also said that seeing the kid all dressed up like him makes him appreciate his job more.

This week, Lauryn invited him to her home to play kickball with Easton. She said she was more than glad to transform his son into someone he idolizes so much for a day.

“For someone who my son looks up to so much I’m going to say, ‘Hey, this is how much he adores you.'” the mom of three said.


On Wednesday, the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District posted side-by-side photos of Easton and Officer Jackson wearing matching uniforms on their Facebook page.


“Check this out! Today is “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day” at Lester Elementary. Kindergarten scholar Easton dressed as Officer Cross, his favorite school security officer. #JNPTitans#BuildingFutures”

Several people who saw the adorable photos couldn’t help but leave positive comments on the post.

“Omgg I love this so much!! How adorable!!!” one user commented.

“This made my day! I could use some positive news!” another wrote.


This is the first year that the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District is assigning armed security officers in every school. It is the first district in Arkansas to have done so.

When Officer Cross gets asked about this, he responds by saying that he is “armed to protect them from someone bad who would come and hurt them.”

This statement has since stuck with Easton, and Lauryn says that knowing there is always someone in school whose job is to keep everyone safe is reassuring to the little boy.

What an adorable friendship!

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