Little kids surprise their favorite UPS delivery driver by dressing up like him

During this pandemic, we’ve relied on our hardworking delivery drivers more than ever. They get us our essentials, but sometimes, they bring us something more.

This UPS delivery driver named Kevin Lounsbury is one example. Since the pandemic started, he has been frequenting a South Boston neighborhood to deliver packages to its residents.

A UPS driver and two kids dressed up like him

According to Lisa Kennedy, the families in their community have developed a special bond with Kevin—especially the children.
Whenever they hear the “beep” of his horn, they get excited as he arrives bearing packages each day.

Kevin became more than just the guy who delivers packages; he became a friend to all.

“Every single time he’d come down the street – the kids have been cooped up inside all day – he’d just give a little toot on the horn and it just brought excitement to all the kids’ days,” she said.

A UPS driver with kids dressed up as him

The local children always look forward to seeing Kevin because of his friendly demeanor.

“He greets us every night with a beep and smile,” said Lisa.

“My 2-year-old daughter thinks that all UPS drivers are Kevin, so every time she sees a UPS car on the road she’ll start screaming ‘there’s Kevin, there’s Kevin,’” another South Boston parent named Heather Cosgrove said.

To show Kevin their appreciation and love, Lisa and the other families in the neighborhood planned a surprise for him by dressing up their kids in UPS uniforms. Even a cute dog was in on the plan!

Kids dressed up as a UPS driver

In a video captured of the moment, the kids and the dog can be seen running from around the corner to surprise the beloved UPS delivery driver. One child who was too young to run is seen being carried but still fully dressed up.

“You guys are awesome,” Kevin said. “You’re gonna make me cry.”

The kids jump with excitement, and they even got to check out the back of the truck carrying all the packages.

“Of course he brings us all our essentials, but he also brings so much joy and excitement to these little faces,” Lisa wrote in a Facebook post. “A true silver-lining in these crazy times.”

Watch their surprise for Kevin play out in the video below.

Another UPS driver who was surprised with a sweet display of gratitude from his clients is Chad Turns. He has been delivering packages for UPS for over a decade now, and like Kevin, he’s no ordinary driver.

When the opportunity presents itself, Chad always goes the extra mile, like that time when he thought an unwrapped package was meant to be a gift.

That package was for Jenny Shickley, a resident of Dauphin, Pennsylvania. She said that Chad didn’t deliver it when he saw her kids were in the yard. He just drove by and drove all the way back to their house that night because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise for them.

This isn’t the only time that he went out of his way for a customer. Another Dauphin resident had a package that needed signing, but they weren’t home, so Chad drove to their parents’ house to get it signed for them.

UPS driver Chad Turns at his surprise thank you party

Chad really goes above and beyond, and when the pandemic began, he started working 60-80 hour weeks.

Jenny and her neighbors thought Chad deserved to be rewarded for his service, so she organized a “Thank you, Chad” event for the beloved UPS delivery driver.

She created an event page on Facebook, and it ended up raising a little over $1000! When they presented him with the surprise, Chad couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

“It was a tearjerker. It was very touching and humbling,” he said.

If you want to know more about Chad’s story, click HERE.

Do you know any delivery drivers like Kevin and Chad who have been working extra hard this pandemic? If you do, make their day by offering them water, snacks, or a beautiful smile when they drop by!

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