Texas couple took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she was stranded in the winter storm

Chelsea Timmons, Nina Richardson, and Doug Condon

A Texas couple became this delivery driver’s “guardian angels” when her car got stuck in their yard amid the winter storm.

Chelsea Timmons stayed with Nina Richardson and Doug Condon in their home for five nights as the brutal winter storm ravaged the Lone Star State.

“They have not only helped me through the base of the storm but since I haven’t been able to make it back home they pretty much won’t let me go,” she told KXAN.

Chelsea was dropping off her final Favor Delivery order for Sunday when the weather got worse earlier than she expected. She planned to do her grocery runs in the morning and head home around noon before the snow hit, but the road conditions quickly deteriorated.

It took Chelsea over an hour to pick up and deliver the groceries to Nina and Doug. When she finally got there, she saw that their house was positioned lower than the main road, which meant their driveway was at an incline.

Chelsea Timmons' car

She drove down the hill very carefully, but the slippery road caused her to lose control of her vehicle. Chelsea drove straight into the couple’s flower bed and knocked over a tree.

As a Texas native, she wasn’t used to dealing with something like this on a regular basis.

Luckily, she didn’t have enough momentum to cause damage. Her car was fine, and their property was safe. The only thing that suffered during the hit was the tree.

Chelsea notified the couple of the incident as she delivered their groceries and told them she can’t get back up the driveway. They tried Epsom salt, bird seeds, and sand to build traction, but the car just won’t budge.

Nina and Doug then let her wait inside their home until a tow truck came. But after several hours of waiting, AAA informed Chelsea that her location was inaccessible.

Uber, Lyft, and taxis also weren’t an option because of poor road conditions.

Chelsea Timmons

Knowing that she had no other alternatives, Nina and Doug offered Chelsea their guest bedroom—which had its own bathroom and television—for the night. The kind couple even cooked her a steak dinner.

“When she first came in she was, I think, feeling a little uncomfortable being in a stranger’s house, but pretty quickly it kind of has moved into her just being part of the family,” Nina told Good Morning America.

Over the next few days, Chelsea bonded with the couple—who were lucky enough to still have power, water, and food in their home—as well as their dogs. They come together for meals, and the pups even cuddled up to her in bed at night.

Chelsea said that whenever she suggested leaving and staying at a hotel, Nina and Doug would worry about her safety and tell her that she should stay a bit longer.

A dog licking a woman's face

“How AMAZINGLY BLESSED am I right in this moment?!” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Blessed they were willing to let the ‘Delivery Driver’ into their home in the midst of a pandemic. Blessed that during the time of a food shortage, they were willing to share their meals.”

On Friday, Chelsea planned to go back home to Houston if the weather and road condition would permit. Thankfully, she was able to do so! She posted a photo of herself in her car on Facebook with the caption “Headed home!”

As she reflected on the last few days, Chelsea couldn’t help but feel like Nina and Doug were “guardian angels” sent her way to keep her safe during the storm.

“God truly #Anchored me during this storm and sent me amazing Guardian Angels,” she continued. “I can’t believe everything that has happened. Beyond grateful that I have been able [to] find comfort with strangers during this unprecedented Winter Storm.”

Texas may have been freezing over, but Nina and Doug made sure that their home provided nothing but warmth for their guest.

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