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Jon Stewart’s 12-acre farm is now a safe haven for neglected animals

Every animal just wants a safe haven where they can all live in peace and comfort. 

Anna and Maybelle, two pigs, are among the many residents of Jon Stewart’s 12-acre farm located 50 miles outside of New York City.

The pair are living in the lap of luxury and getting regular belly rubs – thanks to Jon and his wife Tracey’s big hearts (and farm).

farm animals


The Bufflehead Farm in New Jersey has been run by the former “Daily Show” host and Tracey, who is an author and animal advocate, since 2013, according to The New York Times. Along with the two pigs, the farm’s other residents include four dogs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, two fish, and a bird.

And while that may seem like a lot, the couple is just getting started. That’s because this safe haven is about to gain even more tenants.

farm sanctuary


On October 24, 2015, Jon and Tracey announced that the property will officially become the New Jersey chapter of Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary is an organization that fights the factory farm industry and cares for abused animals. They have three branches in the U.S., and the Stewarts’ farm will be their fourth.

Jon Stewart's farm


Tracey announced the big news during the nonprofit’s gala in New York City.

“We bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of starting a farm sanctuary of our own with an educational center, but what I’m announcing tonight is that our farm is actually going to be the New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. We’re going to build new advocates, new curious learners, and new leaders for this very important movement,” she said.

Jon also mentioned it during his speech at the Emmy’s.

“To everybody on television, I just want to tell you — cling to it! I have been off of television for six weeks, seven weeks, whatever it is. This is the first applause I’ve heard. It is a barren wasteland out there. You get used to craft services. Out in the world, there are tables with food — but you can’t take it. It costs money, and very little of it is gluten-free or vegan,” he told the 2015 Emmy audience.

Although Jon has retired from what he did best – hosting a show and making people laugh – it looks like he found his other calling.

The former television personality seems so content and happy with his new life as a provider of a safe haven to these neglected and abused animals.

Watch CBS Morning‘s interview with Jon and Tracey Stewart.

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