Dad tears up when Steve Harvey grants his little girl’s wish

Growing up, it is safe to say that everyone had a subject that they obsess and fascinate them. Some boys may have collected Dinosaur toys and even memorized all of its type. Some girls may have been interested in collecting ‘Hello Kitty’ or Barbie.

No matter how common, or weird, or trivial our interests as a kid are, having or doing stuff related to our interest is enough to brighten our day as a kid.

One truly adorable little girl got to be the subject of her admiration. The cutiepie was featured in Steve Harvey’s TV show: Little Big Shots, and she truly had a day she and her family will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The smart and adorable little girl goes by the name of Bella, and nothing could excite her more than the famous fairytale, Beauty and The Beast.

Living the dream, little Bella made her grand entrance to the show by being carried on the stage while sporting a beautiful and magical yellow gown as beautiful as Beauty’s.

The audience who has been eyeing the little girl, cannot suppress the smile on their faces as Bella answered the questions thrown by the host comedian. The two even sung Bella’s favorite song, which Bella calls as ‘Tale as Old as Time,’ referring to the song ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ Steve Harvey served as a background vocals for Bella’s rendition of the iconic song.

The crowd was impressed with Bella when Steve Harvey asked her, who is her favorite ‘Beauty and The Beast’ character and why. The answer of the little girl is quite surprising for a 5-year old girl.

“Belle, she is nice in the inside, and she is pretty in the outside.” The little girl answered. It is admirable how at such a young girl, she already knows the value of having a pure and beautiful heart.

More than Bella, someone watching in the audience is happier than she is. Her father is holding back tears as he watched his daughter achieve her dream!

The tearful eyes of the father who is proud of the happiness his daughter is sharing with everyone, caught the attention of the audience. Even the other audiences cannot help but squeal a touching ‘awwww’ due to the heartwarming expression on her father’s face.

The host comedian had a delightful time talking to Bella, he let the child keep the beautiful yellow dress. As the young girl calls it, Steve Harvey gifted Bella and her family a trip to Disneyland.

“Let my dream come true, that’s all I ever want!” Bella squeeled in happiness. Certainly that is what her father wanted too!

Watch the video below to see a father who is struggling to hold back tears of joy due as he is proud of his adorable little girl!

Photo | Little Big Shots

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