Dad has priceless reaction when Janet Jackson suddenly hugs him while being interviewed

A massive fan of Janet Jackson just received a surprise from the icon herself – and the sweet moment caught on camera will surely make you smile!

Last Father’s day, brothers Chris and KB Strawder Jr. gifted their dad, Keith, with something that they knew would really make him happy – a ticket to see Janet Jackson live in her Las Vegas Metamorphosis Tour.

Janet Jackson
Wikimedia Commons

KB decided to film his father as he was receiving his gift to catch his reaction, and it turned out to be epic! Just like a kid, Keith couldn’t help but jump for joy when he realized what he was holding. A huge Jackson fan, the brothers knew that it would be the best gift they could give him.

KB shared the clip on his Twitter and it quickly went viral, garnering hundreds and thousands of views. Those who’ve seen it couldn’t help but feel happy about how excited Keith was, and many wished that he would enjoy the concert when the day comes.

As it turns out, Ms. Jackson herself and her team saw the footage – and just like everyone who saw Keith’s reaction, they all loved it!

He said, ‘Hey I’m with Janet’s team. We saw the video. She loved it. Can we set up a meet-and-greet for after the show? Do not tell your dad,’” KB said. “So from Father’s Day up until this past weekend, we had to keep it a big secret. It was very hard. I wanted to tell him the whole time.”


When the concert was over, Keith was pulled aside for a quick interview about his favorite part of the show. Little did he know that Janet was right behind him as he spoke, listening to his every word.

After a while, the singer wrapped her arms around him and Keith gasped, knowing very well who was hugging him.

“That’s really sweet I’m glad,” Janet says.

It took him a moment before he was able to turn around, and he confirmed that it was indeed his idol!

“I knew it was her,” Keith said. “I knew instantly it was her because I heard the voice and I felt the hands and I felt the hair on the back of my neck and I just didn’t want to immediately turn around and lose it. I had to compose myself.”


Keith thanked her endlessly and expressed how much he appreciates her and her talent.

“I was telling her how proud I was of her and the thing she has done with her career and with her life and what a great example she is for us in this day and age. We’re very appreciative, but that’s just indicative of how sweet a person she is,” he added.

Watch the clip below to see the moment Keith met the one and only Janet Jackson.