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This is what happens when you put a group of introverted dogs together

Dogs can be a lot like humans, and this viral TikTok proves just how true that is.

Not everyone likes social gatherings, and if these introverted dogs could talk, they would surely say, “Count us in!”

When a group of Swedish dog owners took their pets to a park to bond with other shy pooches, the four-legged furballs seemingly had no idea how to behave.

Lucky for us, the adorably awkward moment was captured on video.

One of the owners, Sofia Rosten, shared the hilarious clip on a TikTok account she created for her rescue dog, Qila.

Rosten said that it was a dog psychologist who organized the event. Presumably, it was meant to help the owners’ timid dogs socialize with other like-minded pups.

Rosten said the affair lasted about an hour, and the dogs had a pretty fun time at first. But much like us humans, their social batteries eventually ran out.

The animals started to feel a little overwhelmed by it all, and that’s when the gathering got truly awkward.

The dogs stopped moving and kept on their own, trying their best to avoid eye contact. It’s as though they were waiting for their owners to get them out of that place and back home, where they can be their introverted selves.

Rosten couldn’t let the moment pass without immortalizing it, so she took out her phone and recorded the hilarious scene before posting it on Qila’s TikTok and Instagram accounts.

“This was almost at the end of the meeting and we all thought it looked so funny so I recorded it,” she wrote.

“It’s like a pasture of cows,” Rosten wrote in the overlaying text in the video.

The clip already had 21.8 million views and 4.1 million likes on TikTok at the time of writing. Many people also left funny comments under it. Here are some of our favorites:

“good hang out, let’s do it again next year”

“They all secretly hoped plans to meet up would’ve fallen through”

“They are mad no one cancelled”

“Should’ve got one extroverted one and seen what happened haha”

As for Qila, she may be a bit uneasy around other dogs, but she seems to be pretty outgoing around her humans.

In another video shared on the pup’s TikTok account, she appears to be what her owner described as a “professional attention seeker.”

As awkward as things may have gotten, these pooches deserve a belly rub and a yummy treat for at least trying.

After all, getting out of one’s comfort zone takes time, and these pups have already taken the first step—that in itself deserves credit!

Watch the funny clip in the video below.

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