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Powerful photo of Afghan woman taking university exam while nursing child goes viral

Would you give up your dreams or your college education… for your child? Or would you choose to take care of your child at home and forget about your own dreams? 25 year old Jahan Taab from Miramar District proves that you don’t really have to choose – you can do both at the same time. Jahan, mother of three, inspired the world when a photo of her went viral on social media:

The Afghan woman brought her 2-month old baby with her while she was taking the entrance exam called the Kankor exam, at a private university in Daykundi province in Afghanistan.

In the middle of the exam, her baby started crying. Jahan did what any mother would do: she went to her child’s aid. She sat cross-legged on the floor, comforted her baby, AND continued answering the exam.

The lecturer, Yahya Erfan, was so awed by what Jahan did and took pictures of her and posted it on his Facebook account:

In an interview with CNN, Yahya said that the other students who were taking the exam with Jahan admired what she did, too, that they didn’t mind the baby crying. The lecturer also said that Jahan had to travel for six to eight hours from their home to the university just to be able to take the exam as that the village she lives in has no roads for cars. Yahya added that Jahan came from a poor family and is married to farmer.

Jahan passed the exam achieving as score of 152, which means that she now has the chance to pursue studying social science course at Nasirkhosraw Higher Education Institute in Nili City.

But according to Yahya, Jahan told their local newspaper, Etilatrooz Daily Newspaper, that she is worried about the distance between the university and her house, as well as the money needed for her to complete the education at the university.

A term at the Nasirkhosraw Higher Education Institute costs around $140 to $180.

Since her story went viral, numerous organizations were inspired. The Afghan Youth Association, a British organization, has already set up a GoFundMe account to support Jahan’s education. Parwiz Karimi, the president of the organization, told BBC in an interview that “We want Jahan to be an inspiration to other women in Afghanistan.”

In less than 24 hours, a total amount of around £810 (or more than $1000) was achieved by Afghan Youth Association for Jahan’s education. They said that they will still continue to raise funds for Jahan.

According to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson for the organization has already talked to Jahan, who was very happy about how the events turned out.

Taking an important examination that would determine your future is nerve-racking enough – imagine having to answer all the questions with a crying baby on your lap!

Jahan’s photos delivers so many powerful messages that can inspire and motivate anyone. She displays determination in completing the exam in such a challenging situation. She displays power in being a mother who refuses to give up on her dreams despite of all her responsibilities.

She displays love in not neglecting her child while doing something important to her. Above all, she is an exceptional model for women all over the world – a proof that any woman, no matter where they’re from, they can make things possible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.