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People are transforming Home Depot Tuff Sheds into affordable two-story tiny homes

When we talk about beautiful, cozy homes, can you picture Home Depot Tuff Sheds? Well, most people didn’t see it coming either.

It all started when the tiny house movement convinced Americans to downsize their lives and live in a smaller home with fewer qualms and less time need to clean their home’s every nook and cranny.

It’s not just about the money saved. Of course, you’ll need less cash to buy a significantly smaller property than your previous home. But people living in smaller houses find it more peaceful and clutter-free. Funny enough, people who transitioned from big houses to small ones seldom look back.

A smaller home does not only make things simpler. It gives its owners the peace of mind from expensive home mortgage and brings them closer together.

But the tiny house market will further be disrupted with the recent trend of homes built from Home Depot Tuff Sheds. Today’s generation of homeowners got more creative and resourceful by turning ordinary sheds into the home of their dreams.

Home Depot Tuff Sheds are famous for their superb craftsmanship and dependability if you need a shed in your property to store tools and equipment. You can even shelter livestock if you’ve got bigger sheds. But other people saw great potential in sheds.

Say, for example, the Getaway Cabin comes with a small porch, an ample living room. It has three rooms downstairs, and it even comes with a loft! You’ll get 300 square feet of space at only $19,250.

That’s the kind of opportunity Beth and Barry Smith grabbed when they came across a two-story shed that ended up being their home.

The couple runs the Facebook page Tiny Houses Shed Homes. They share with their followers how life has been treating them ever since they finished their build. For their second project, the Smiths thought to get help this time.

“We’re not builders and that first project was a real pain in the neck,” they said in an interview with Tuff Shed. “We knew we wanted the next one to be built for us.” There were separate crews for shed construction, foundation pouring, and interiors.

Hiring other builders seemed like a terrific idea. Since the couple could save money because they decided to convert a shed instead of buying a new house and lot, the build went smoothly.

They chose the TR-1600 model after seeing it in Home Depot. The black exterior and white accent gave their home a tasteful combination of a rustic and modern vibe.

Right after you enter the door, there’s no hint that the home used to be a two-story shed. The Smith family went with an open floor plan, making the room look bigger with the dining room and living room in one open space.

The living room has a big couch, perfect for cuddling together while watching a movie on the TV. The kitchen area has sizable counter-tops and furnished with sleek cupboards for storage.

The couple’s bedroom is located upstairs. At first glance, the room looks like those you see in Airbnb listings. The bed sits nicely in between two nightstands with exquisite lamps. The second floor’s beautiful lighting is made possible by big windows and light fixtures.

The carpet’s vibrant color and intricate patterns provide a pleasing contrast between the room’s muted tones. The seating area’s teal color scheme also complements the blue nightstands and the blue blankets.

Beth and Barry’s bathroom is fully furnished with a sink, toilet, and bathtub. It would be nice to have a quick dip after a long, stressful day.

“Our Tuff Shed shell was a bit $20,000, including some upgrades,” Beth revealed. “To finish it out, we did a lot of the work ourselves but hired out electrical and plumbing, HVAC, etc. All in we came in a bit over $60,000.”

Today, the average price of houses in the country starts at $250,000. In exchange for a low-maintenance Home Depot Tuff Shed that brings their family closer, the Smiths family sure got a sweet deal. “We still love the size, we love the ease living here,” Beth said.

“We still enjoy a generally uncluttered life. Having a small home with very little overhead has allowed us to pursue a simpler life and to walk away from ‘corporate,’ which was one of our goals.”

Have you tried popping a quick visit to the nearest Home Depot near you? Maybe your dream home is there waiting for you!

To learn more, follow Tiny Houses Shed Homes on Facebook.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.