Little girl has emotional reaction holding newborn cousin for 1st time

Do you remember the first time you’ve ever held a newborn baby in your arms?

When we hold these tiny human beings in our arms, we’re guaranteed to get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Looking at their tiny toes, little fingers, and peaceful slumber reminds us of their fragility and innocence – two things that we’ve been once in our lives.

Bree Miller with her husband and baby Marley Rae

Bree Miller recently gave birth to her first child, Marley Rae. The Reseda, California resident planned for the day when she would introduce her daughter to some of her family members. When that day came, Bree had her camera ready to take snapshots of the sweet moments, but she had no idea how emotional that day would end up being.

Two of Marley Rae’s young, female cousins came to visit her that day. While Bree was holding and feeding her newborn baby, the two girls had their whole attention on the newborn. They would occasionally reach out to touch her soft hair, and it was obvious that both couldn’t wait to have their turn in holding her.


As soon as Bree placed her sleeping newborn baby into her niece Tiffany’s arms, the girl seemed overwhelmed. She gazed into Marley Rae’s face while holding her tight against her body, her eyes starting to water with emotion. Moments later, those misty eyes turned into endless tears as Tiffany’s emotions got the best of her!

Tiffany hugging Marley Rae

Tiffany clearly felt a surge of love for the infant as she cradled her to her chest, and her little heart just couldn’t handle it! The lass was so careful with the child, that you could already see her natural care-giving instincts. We bet that she will become the best cousin ever to Marley Rae!

Tiffany with her cousin Marley Rae

Thankfully, Bree came prepared and she was able to capture the beautiful moment. This emotional scene was immortalized through these snapshots, making for a great keepsake from this memorable day.

Off-camera, Bree asked Tiffany: “What do you love about her?” The little girl whispered a short and simple response: “I love everything about her.”

Tiffany with her cousin Marley Rae

Aww, that’s so sweet!

Bree wanted to share this memorable moment, so she uploaded the pictures and videos that she took on her Instagram.

She wrote:

“WARNING: you may tear up… this is what happens When you meet your new baby cousin for the first time and your emotions get the best of you!” Bree wrote, and she wasn’t kidding! Have some tissues handy for this one, folks.”

It’s so beautiful to see that kind of love manifested by a little child. For sure, these two will be the best of friends!

To see the emotional video, click HERE.