Dad steps up to ‘breastfeed’ newborn baby during mom’s recovery

A new father in Wisconsin is taking the internet by storm. People all over the internet found Maxamillion Neubauer’s dedication to his newborn daughter irresistibly adorable. Maxamillion did something for his daughter not all fathers have done before, and that is no other than ‘breastfeed’ his new baby.

Yes, you have read it right! The new father in Wisconsin was the first one to breastfeed his daughter thanks to a specially designed nursing system that made the impossible, plausible.

According to Maxamillion and April Neubauer, the proud parents of Little Rosalia Neubauer, their little bundle of joy is what they call as a miracle baby. Apparently, due to a hormonal disorder known as polycystic ovary syndrome, April had already given up on thoughts of becoming a mother.

Which was why when their dear Rosalia was conceived, the surprised parents did everything they could to take care of April’s health. Unfortunately during the most-awaited day of Rosalia’s due date, April suffered from multiple seizures. Because of this alarming circumstances, the doctors decided to deliver little Rosalia through a cesarean  section.

It is no secret that C-section mothers must be given ample time to rest and recover from the major surgery they just went through. Thus, the new mother, April, was taken to the intensive care unit in order to have a well-monitored recovery. Which is also why April cannot nurse her precious baby right away even if she wanted to.

As a solution to the unfavorable circumstances, registered nurse Cybil Martin-Dennehy asked Maxamillion to be the one to feed Rosalia instead.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m already shirtless, and I’ll try just about anything once.’ Everyone got pretty excited and went for it,” Maxamillion Neubauer shared in one of his interviews.

The attentive nurse of, Cybil helped Martin be all set by grabbing a fake nipple shield, a feeding tube, a syringe and some formula. Little Rosalia quickly latched on for her first feeding, right below the heart with the word “Mom” inked on her father’s chest.

“It was a shock when I did walk into the nursery and they had her on his nipple. I didn’t see a fake nipple at first, so it was shocking,” Yolanda Edwards, Rosalia’s grandmother shared.

Photos of the proud father breastfeeding little Rosalia have been shared more than thousands of times in social media sites, taking the hearts and respect of the netizens who have seen it.

“It says ‘Mom,’ which is more perfect than anyone could have asked for. You would have thought the photo was staged,”

The attentive nurse hopes that the photos of Maxamillion trending today, would help inspire fathers out there to try her device for the benefit of their newborn.

“Usually, I get a look of disbelief. ‘Why would I even ask something so crazy?’ But Max was 100 percent. He was like, ‘Heck, yes, let’s do this,’” The nurse recalled the usual reaction and response she got from the fathers she had asked before.

“It never hurts to ask. The worst someone can tell you is no and that they don’t want to do it, or you can let Dad be part of this really special moment.” She also added how of all the number of fathers she had asked, Maxamillion was the first dad to ever agree in trying out her alternative feeding idea.

Maxamillion shared that though little Rosalia’s feeding is memorable, he has no plan on doing it again anytime soon.

Watch the viral video of Maxamillion and little Rosalia below, which truly proves that no matter how ridiculous an idea is, a father is ready to do anything for their beloved baby.

Photo | Maxamillian Neubauer

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