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Hero dog with amputated paws had been given highest honor for saving soldiers

Kuno, a military dog had to have one of his paws amputated after being seriously injured. He suffered from bullet wounds in the back of his legs during an Al Qaeda attack in Afghanistan.

After saving the lives of British soldiers, Kuno has now reaped the reward of his heroic act.

He was not only tagged as a “hero dog” but he was also awarded the Dickin Medal by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), which is also the highest award an animal can get within the British military.

Hero dog with amputated legs

Source: PDSA

Kuno is only four years old but he is bold and fearless. He was deployed to help British troops attacking a well-equipped Al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan.

During the operation, he risked his life to help the British troops complete their mission. He ran towards one of the gunmen, managing to break the deadlock; thus changing the course of the attack.

Kuno didn’t mind the machine gun and grenades being fired by the enemies. He did his job despite all the danger and ended up being shot in both his hind legs.

Despite the wounds, he continued attacking the Al-Qaeda gunman until the building was cleared. He only took a rest after he was assured that the fight was over.

Source: PDSA

In the back of a helicopter, Kuno received immediate treatment but he still needed major operations before he could go back to the U.K. Fortunately, he is now fully recovered and has become the first U.K. military dog with custom-made prosthetic limbs.

Kuno’s amputated paws are a reminder of his heroism. He suffered a lot as a working military dog but he just did his job to protect and help his human buddies.

He didn’t deserve just an award but also a life-time of gratitude from the people he saved as well as the entire British military.

Kuno with prosthetic limbs

Source: PDSA

British defence secretary Ben Wallace said that he is happy about Kuno being awarded the PSDA Dickin Medal.

“It is a testament to his training, tireless bravery, and devotion to duty which undoubtedly saved lives that day. I am very proud of the role our military working dogs play on operations at home and abroad. Kuno’s story reminds us of the lengths these animals go to keep us all safe,” he added.

Kuno with a British soldier

Source: PDSA

Kuno is the 72nd recipient of this prestigious award for animals which was created in December 1943 in the midst of World War II.

As of now, there were 32 WWII messenger pigeons, four horses, 35 dogs and one cat who had received the Dickin Medal.

Kuno wearing his Dickin medal

Source: PDSA

Truly, Kuno is one of the greatest animal heroes that proved how much love animals have for us, humans. He had his legs amputated and didn’t mind the life-threatening injuries just to save people.

If there’s something we need to learn from animals, it is to be brave and always pour our hearts out on others.

If they can save humans and fight for them, why can’t we do it to one another? Sometimes, we just need to let go of our pride and insecurities and see the good things in each person and each moment.

Watch this video and be amazed by Kuno’s bravery:

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