Grandpa goes furniture shopping with his dog to make sure she likes their new chair

Furniture shopping is challenging for humans, especially when you’re looking for the perfect furniture in your home. What more if you want to appease your furry pal with your furniture choices?

Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather never thought he would want a dog in his life. But lo and behold, he met Coco, and the rest was history. Ever since grandpa Dahl met Coco, the sweet duo remained inseparable.

The two are often seen lounging together in their favorite chair, waiting for the day to unfold as they keep each other company.

Aleecia Dahl

“Coco is the dog Grandpa never wanted but cannot live without,” Dahl said in her interview with The Dodo. Dahl’s grandfather considers Coco as the best friend he never thought he needed.

They would spend their time going around town in a merry adventure or sit in tranquility in their favorite lounge chair.

As time passed by, the beloved lounge got worn out, and they needed a replacement—thus begins the search for grandpa Dahl and Coco’s next sacred space.

Right off the bat, Dahl’s grandfather required a wide footrest to accommodate his furry buddy. He decided to take Coco with him for furniture shopping.

Dahl’s grandfather brought Coco to many furniture stores. Throughout the furniture shopping, Coco was at his side, wide-eyed and curious. Furniture shopping is hard enough as it is.

You must factor the furniture’s design, dimensions, price, and quality. But in grandpa Dahl’s case, he won’t be going home with a new lounge chair until Coco approves.

Aleecia Dahl

Dogs are social animals, and given they are only a few steps from their close relatives—the wolves, they tend to be territorial, especially with their toys and shelter.

This evolutionary fact explains why canines become fond of an object and get aggressive or hostile when their territory or possession are at stake.

Domesticated dogs share behavioral similarities with their wolf ancestors. These characteristics are hard-wired into their genetics.

They desire companionship, which explains their irrepressible desire to always be with their squeaky toy.

It is worth noting that despite their wolf-related behavior, dogs are very emotional animals. Canine emotions are more complex than you think.

A well-known study explained how dogs could detect our moods with just our voices. In another research, it was proven that dogs could recognize selfish and generous behavior.

Aleecia Dahl

They are animals capable of empathy, jealousy, envy, and love. No wonder why Coco gets a say on which lounge chair Dahl’s grandfather should choose.

While hopping from one store to another, Dahl’s grandfather made sure Coco get to try all the lounge chair of his choice—he wasn’t going to buy one without seeing his cherished pooch’s delightful ‘yes.’

Eventually, the adorable duo found the perfect chair. Coco didn’t fail to make everyone know how she loved their new recliner.

Somewhere out there, the two must be enjoying their new chair now. And right on the chair’s footrest, Coco might be having the time of her life, comfy and snug with her best friend.