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Grandmas received the sweetest surprise when their families suddenly showed up for their birthdays

If you have a big family, you’d know that getting everyone together isn’t easy due to long distances and conflicting schedules.

The last time this grandma from Connecticut got to be with all her five children was in 2013, and they’ve never managed to get all the kids and grandkids in one place—until her most recent birthday.

This family wanted to make their matriarch’s 70th birthday the best ever, so they arranged a surprise reunion for her.

Geeta Schrayter, an author, shared the touching footage of the surprise on Instagram.

As her mom sat in the kitchen, Geeta’s brother and sister-in-law from Maryland made a grand entrance through the front door. The man brought flowers, and the mother-and-son shared a sweet embrace.

Then, Geeta’s sister from San Diego walked in the back with their “missing dinner.”

“Oh my god,” said the grandma as she turned around to give her daughter a tearful hug.

At that point, Geeta said their mom had been “a little suspicious.” But she definitely didn’t expect the next guest—her grandson from Los Angeles sneakily came down the stairs with Geeta’s other brother.

The boy held a heart-shaped balloon and excitedly greeted his grandmother with a happy birthday.

These reunions are really the sweetest! Watch the special surprise unfold in the video below.


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Here’s another grandma who received a sweet birthday surprise from her entire family—and it happened right in the middle of Disney!

On January 29, TikTok user, Karissa Shaffer, shared the video of her grandmother’s memorable trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom with her husband and three grandkids.

The couple were having their picture taken in the middle of Main Street when the photographer said, “Everybody, get in there!”

At first, their three grandkids joined them for the photo, then several adults—wearing Mickey ears and matching t-shirts—quietly emerged from the Emporium to pose for a photo with their family’s matriarch.

Then, someone shouted, “Say, ‘Happy birthday!'”, and grandma turns around to see her whole family behind her. She covers her mouth and walks away, clearly overwhelmed with joy upon seeing her kids and grandkids.

To lighten the mood, Karissa’s uncle joked around by saying, “Alright, people are trying to get pictures!” because they were clearly in the way.

“When you surprise your grandmother at Disney for her 70th birthday,” Karissa wrote in the post’s caption. Since being shared, the video has been viewed 30.6 million times! Thousands of people took to the comments to share their reaction to the surprise, which took place on December 28, 2021.

“Nothing better than making grandma happy.”

“This made me smile. My grandparents have all passed. What a beautiful memory you have all created.”

“As we get older, just the fact they all took time out of their busy lives means so much more than you could ever know.”

“She will remember this moment for the rest of her life. What a fantastic video.”

Check out this family’s birthday surprise for their beloved grandma in the video below.

@kshaff20 When you surprise your grandmother at disney for her 70th birthday #greenscreenvideo #50thanniversarydisney #birthday#70th#disney ♬ Still Falling For You – From “Bridget Jones’s Baby” – Ellie Goulding

Happy birthday to these amazing grandmothers!

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