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Blind grandma who thought she was receiving flowers ends up holding her grandson for the first time

For any grandparent, meeting a grandchild for the first time is a moment they never forget. It’s a time that brings about feelings of joy and excitement, and that’s exactly what this grandma felt when she met her grandson.

To make the occasion more special, the child’s father decided to introduce his baby on grandma’s birthday. And best of all, she had no idea it was even happening.

Grandma is blind, so her son was able to pretend that he was bringing over some flowers for her birthday. What he really had for her, though, was her precious grandchild!

When grandma finally realized what she had in her arms, she immediately broke down in tears. It was instant love, and she held on to the baby tightly. Although they had just met, the baby boy already had a huge piece of her heart!

Witness their unforgettable meeting in the video below.

Speaking of grandparents, here’s another happy story you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mary Pine, 95, lives in an assisted living facility. Because of the pandemic, she and her brother, Bob Taylor, 84, haven’t seen each other in five years. However, they make sure to call each other every day.

The last time they saw each other was when Mary surprised Bob at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last year, on Mary’s birthday on July 4, Bob decided it was his sister’s turn to be surprised. With the help of his granddaughters, Morgan Taylor and Kenzie Hardin, the trio planned their trip to Mary’s care facility in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Kenzie lived in Florida, so flying together wasn’t an option. Instead, she traveled to Atlanta, and they made the 13-hour drive to Pennsylvania, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks.

On July 4, the staff at Mary’s assisted living facility prepared for the surprise. They called her into a room where her family members were waiting. Of course, she had no idea they were there.

Once she was inside, they greeted her with a happy birthday. Mary’s jaw dropped upon seeing Bob come out, and her tears started to fall. The two shared a long embrace as Mary continued to sob on Bob’s shoulder.

For Mary, it was the best gift ever.

“I’m so thankful my family worked together to pull this amazing surprise off,” she said. “It was so great seeing all of them.”

Watch the siblings’ emotional reunion in the video below.

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