This grandma posed in her wedding dress holding her picture that was taken from 1953

No matter how it long it has been, there are events in our life that gives a fleeting feeling every time it is remembered.

Pictures and memorabilia are a blissful reminder that we were able to experience, savor, and endure a lot of chapter in our lives, be it joyous or tragic, happy or painful.

We have lived in a moment, and although there is no way of going back to the past, at least we have a memory of it that we could replay all over again in our minds.

Amy Buchan Kavelaras was helping her grandma organize her stuff on her house as she will be moving away.

As the lovely grand mother and grand daughter were organizing old boxes, Amy discovered a fragment from Ruth’s, her grandmother, most important day. Amy found the wedding gown Ruth had worn on her wedding day, stuffed inside the old dusty box.

It took a lot of convincing powers before Amy was able to convince her grandmother to try her old wedding dress. Luckily, Ruth’s daughter was also there to capture the blissful moment.

63 years after she married the love of her life, the wedding dress Ruth had worn on her wedding day still fits her perfectly.  Ruth smiled for the photo, holding her picture that was taken from 1953, her most special day.

Truth be told, Ruth is still as beautiful as ever. And though her husband is not with her anymore, her face is still beaming with love, thanks to her caring daughter and granddaughter, Amy.

Ecstatic and proud of the picture of Ruth, Amy immediately uploaded the picture of her grandma in her old wedding dress on her social media account.

“While packing up my grammy’s house to move her into an assisted living facility next month, we found her wedding dress in her attic! 63 years later she tried it on and it still fits!”  Amy typed in the caption uploaded together with the picture of her grandmother.

Thousands of people shared Ruth’s picture online, and some women cannot help but be envious of the grandmother. Most women keeps on ranting about how they couldn’t even fit on the shirt they wore 4 years ago.

Kidding aside, a lot of people shared how adorable they found Ruth in her old wedding dress. Some even admired the bravery displayed by the grandmother.

Though her wedding dress is a reminder of a special day, it also reminds Ruth of her deceased husband, the man she has shared her lifetime with!

Truly, there are moments in our life worth remembering, those are memories made and shared with out loved ones that never fail to put a smile on our place when remembered. This type of memory are sure worthy to be treasured!

Photo | Love What Matters

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