These ‘besties’ celebrated 23 years of friendship in a hilarious BFF photoshoot

Believe it or not, ‘friendiversary’ is a real word! According to, ‘friendiversary’ is the yearly recurrence of the date that two or more people first became friends.

Friendship is one of the most precious things in this life that we are blessed to experience. When we have good friends around us, we feel happy and secure knowing that through all our ups and downs, we have people who will support us no matter what.

Good friends celebrate anniversary.
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Good friends are the individuals who we can share our secrets without the fear of being judged. They are the ones who always got our backs through the good times and the bad.

We meet thousands of people throughout our lifetime, but it is so rare to find a select few, or even one, that we can consider a genuine friend – someone who knows us to the core and truly cares.

This is exactly what best friends Samantha Clark and Christina Arthur found in each other. The two women from South Carolina just celebrated 23 years of friendship, and to commemorate the milestone, they decided to do a fun photoshoot!

Good friends having fun
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With the help of Easy Breezy Photography, the pair celebrated the anniversary of their friendship by devouring wings, attempting to “shotgun” beers, and spraying each other with silly string. The series of photographs perfectly captured their personalities and their relationship as best buddies.

“I thought it would be perfect for us because anytime we get together, we just laugh and act goofy and just straight up always have a good time with each other,” Samantha told

The chicken wings represent a memento of their friendship, as they bought it from a local bar where they’ve spent many late nights talking. The attempt to “shotgun” the beers was their way of doing something new together and having it captured as a memory to keep forever.

They are good friends for 23 years.
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“It went completely wrong and [Clark] drank from the top of the can,” joked photographer Breanna Welch. “You can tell the two were literally made for each other. You can tell in their chemistry they’re going to be best friends forever.”

In a story submitted to Love What Matters, Samantha and Christina shared the story of how their friendship began.

“It all started at Kindergarten graduation. Samantha stole my number for our graduation jingle, and I then proceeded to cry. We’ve been best friends ever since!”

The best friends grew up together, being next-door neighbors throughout their whole childhood. The two women described what they had as a “perfect friendship.” They have been good friends since they were 7 years old, and their bond strengthened when they both discovered a common love for softball.

Good friends with humor
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“We played softball together, learned to drive together,” Samantha said.

Throughout the years, they went on to experience the biggest highlights of their lives and their greatest heartbreaks together.

“We were side-by-side for both of our marriages and had each other’s back when we both divorced,” Samantha added.

The best friends said that even if they went weeks without seeing each other, they’re always able to pick up where they left off. That’s a clear sign of true friendship right there!

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Breanna said that she wanted to do the photoshoot because she liked the idea of celebrating friendship, considering that she typically does photo sessions for couples and families. This one of Samantha’s and Christina’s was something unique.

“We never take the time to have photos done with our best friends,” Breanna told Inside Edition. “You see family sessions and couples sessions but you never see best friends’ sessions.”

Breanna also thinks that this might encourage other friends to do the same.

Easy Breezy Photography

We know seeing those awesome pictures had you imagining what it would look like if you and your best friend did it! So what are you waiting for? Grab your BFF, come up with a cool concept, and book that photo session!

Check out more of Breanna’s work on the Easy Breezy Photography Facebook page.

Story h/t: Love What Matters (Love What Matters exists to spread real stories by real people far and wide, to celebrate the love, kindness and compassion they represent – while reminding us that these things do not happen by default, they’re a daily choice.)