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Generous elementary school janitor left $175K savings to underprivileged children

More often than not, donations are expected to come from generous and wealthy people. However, Alvin Randlett, a retired janitor at the Sixth District School in Covington, proves that you don’t have to have a six figure salary in order to do so. Sometimes, to do great things, all you need is a compassionate and generous heart.

Mr. Alvin Randlett worked at the Sixth District School in Convington, Kentucky for 32 years before retiring in 2001. Working for more than 3 decades for a school where most of the children suffer from abuse and are underprivileged, Mr. Alvin Randlett cannot help but be compassionate and concerned for the children.

The Kentucky janitor lived a simple life and did not touch a dime nor a penny of his pension since he retired in 2001. In order to save money Mr. Alvin Randlett was frugal, he did not buy nor own a car, instead he would often share a ride with his friends or would walk in order to reach his destination.

With the pension he has saved and the sale of his home, Mr. Alvin Randlett made a whopping total of $175,000! Since the Kentucky janitor did not marry and does not have a family of his own, he chose to dedicate the money he has saved to the underprivileged and abused students of the school he used to work for.

When the generous and compassionate Kentucky janitor, Alvin Randlett died on December 9, 2015 at the age of 75, his best of friends, Jeff Siska reached out to the Sixth District School.

As the late janitor’s estate executor, Jeff Siska informed the school that Mr. Alvin Randlett bequest that the money he has saved from living a simple and frugal life, be left for the benefit of the children. And so, as his last wish, he is leaving a total amount of $175,217.19 to the child victim’s trust fund.

According to the kind janitor’s best friend, Mr. Alvin Randlett has always been passionate about the school and the children. In fact, his last will is not the first act of kindness he has shown towards the school. Apparently, the janitor once stayed overnight at the Sixth Disctrict Scool during a blizzard in year 1978 in order to shovel coal to heat the school’s boilers. Mr. Alvin Randlett did not want the pipes to be frozen by the blizzard.

“Upon realizing the unfortunate circumstance of many of the children he served, he developed a passion for protecting children.”

Jeff Siska shared. The kind janitor would also often share a joke or a kind word with the students. In fact, the janitor was well loved by the students as well. Jeff recalled that there were instances in which people on the streets, with ages ranging from 10 to 40 years old, would often yell out Mr. Alvin Randlett’s name and would come running towards the janitor to give him a hug.

“Through Mr Randlett’s act of kindness, he exemplifies how great the human soul can be.” The Kentucky Attorney General, Andy Beshear said to the students as he visited the Sixth District Elementary School to accept the money Mr. Alvin Randlett left behind on behalf of the abused children’s trust fund.

“It was Alvin’s last wish to help those who can’t help themselves.” Jeff Siska shared to the students gathered in the Sixth District Elementary School gym.

Watch Mr. Alvin Randlett’s touching story of generosity and see how he proves that greatness does not have to come from educational and material success. So much can be accomplished when your heart and mind is truly set on it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.