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Family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral

When Margaret Hubl passed away at the age of 89, her funeral became a testament to just how great of a grandmother she was. Margaret was an avid quilter, but it wasn’t merely a hobby of hers – it was her own way of letting her family know just how much she loves them.

In honor of her legacy, her children and grandchildren decided to display all the quilts she has ever made at her funeral.

They draped her beautiful creations over the back of the church pews as a way to celebrate Margaret and remember her thoughtfulness as the family’s matriarch.

“Never did I imagine how many there were,” Christina Tollman, Margaret’s granddaughter, told TODAY. “We covered almost every single pew in that church. I never knew how many she actually made.”

The quilts all looked gorgeous, but Margaret created each one of them for a very special reason.

Margaret was already a mother of three when her sister-in-law passed away from a tragic accident. With no one left to care for her twins, Margaret and her husband, Henry, decided to take them in. Together, the couple raised all five children in a small three-bedroom home on their farm.

Margaret first took up sewing to provide clothes for all her children, but as they grew up and started families of their own, she had to make the little ones something as well. That’s when she got into quilting. She began making them for each grandchild as they graduated from high school.

“She wanted us to have something to wrap up and keep warm in when we went away to school,” Christina said.

Margaret put a lot of thought into each quilt and who would be receiving it.

“When we sat down to go through her things we found this — I call it a pocket notebook. Inside it says whose quilt she was working on, what day she put it in the quilt frame and which day she took it out,” Christina explained.

As the years went by, Margaret put more time into making her quilts. Each grandchild received them as a gift on their wedding day.

“I actually have three cousins that are not married, and the day of her funeral was the day that they got to see their quilts for the first time,” said Christina. “That was really kind of a neat moment.”

Christina Tollman

A funeral service is something we do not wish to have as a gathering place, but it is inevitable in life. We just have to do our best to celebrate the life lived of the loved one who passed away to mitigate the lost.

Her family decided to display all these quilts during Margaret’s funeral, with each creation serving as a reminder of how much they were loved and how special their grandmother was.


“This is the love that Grandma made for each of us. This is what she made for each of us to wrap up in when we hurt,” Christina said. “When we miss her.”

Like a warm hug, Margaret’s quilts will continue to give her family comfort during the times when they need it most – even after she’s gone.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.