Soldiers found forever homes for the brave dogs who saved their lives

Soldiers are heroes who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others. Aside from risking their lives, they sacrifice their happiness, too, choosing to live in a place away from their homes, away from their loved ones. Brave soldiers put their lives on the line in order for others to live in peace.

But, have you ever wondered who would put their lives to save these soldiers?

Sergeant Chris Duke already found the answer to that question.

Like many other people who were away from home, soldiers miss their families, and Chris was no exception. Luckily, he found solace in three stray dogs he met when he was deployed in Afghanistan.

Chris, together with other soldiers, grew fond of Sasha, Target, and Rufus, the stray dogs they found near their military compound. The soldiers found comfort in the company of these dogs as they remind them of their own pets back home.

They had no idea that the dogs will do more than just provide them happiness and comfort. Sasha, Target, and Rufus will actually save their lives.

One night, while the soldiers were sleeping, a suicide bomber has sneaked into their compound – apparently intending to kill all 50 soldiers. But the dogs barked fervently at the bomber, blocked his way, and bit his leg. The noise woke the soldiers up causing the bomber to detonate the bomb before he even made his way through the area.

The explosion resulted in injuries, but all soldiers survived. Unfortunately, the littlest of the dogs, Sasha, did not make it. Rufus and Target suffered injuries, too, but both successfully recovered with the help of the medics.

A month after the incident, Chris went back to his home in West Georgia. However, it was hard for him to forget how the dogs saved their lives and he became worried about how the lives of these dogs will turn out after he want back to the States.

That’s enough reason for him to get in touch with the group Hope for the Warriors, with hopes that his wish to be reunited with the dog will be granted. His request has moved the organization’s president, Robin Kelleher, who raised a total of $21,000 through the help of different non-profit organizations, such as Puppy Rescue Mission.

Chris said that he believes he owes his life to the brave dog. It wasn’t long until Rufus was finally reunited with Chris:

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Just a week later, Target was also adopted by Sergeant Terry Young from Arizona, the combat medic who helped him recover when they were still in Afghanistan.

The touching story was featured all over the news and even Oprah. Terry got teary-eyed as he recalled the bravery Sasha, Rufus, and Target have shown that night. He said he didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened if the dogs weren’t there to save them.

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Chris and his wife, Lauren, have set their heart on making Rufus’s life as wonderful as possible to be able to repay him for saving the life of Chris.

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