Converse releases ethereal line of embroidered shoes covered in flowers

Converse has been around more than a century. Yet, the 110-year-old shoe manufacturing company continues to add creative flavors to their iconic footwears. In one of their head turner collections, the company decided to give life to their sneakers by incorporating embroidered flowers- giving their classic kicks a magical touch!

Named as Floral Parkway, Coverse’s floral collection gives a twist to their iconic Chuck 70 line, transforming it into a pair of luxurious sneakers that oozes with retro vibes. The blooming flowers in beautiful pop of colors give a fresh breath of air, making it irresistibly charming.

But don’t let its ethereal and beautiful aesthetic fool you into thinking that this collection is just pleasant to look at. The Floral Parkway, just like the rest of Converse’s footwear, takes pride on its durability and comfort. In fact, for the Floral Parkway collection, Converse integrated an OrthoLite insole for soft and secure cushioning. This way, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of style!

The Floral Parkway collection is available in three high-tops and three low-tops. Each of the design is made from soft leather, making it very comfortable for your feet.

The three high-tops are available in three colors: (1) Turmeric Gold – yellow, (2) Washed Denim – blue, and (3) Punch Coral – pink. On the other hand, the low-tops come in classic colors of: (1) Obsidian – navy, (2) Papyrus – cream, and (3) Driftwood – white.

According to the website of Converse, “These comfy sneakers bring a breath of fresh air to city life with a bold new look.” Well, true to their words, each designs come in ’70s-style flowers in a complimenting pop of colors which is easy on the eyes.

Looking at their high-top in Washed Denim, it sure is no doubt that a lot of people would not be able to resist such beauty. Its detailed violet blooms give the durable sneakers a delicate touch!

Even their low-top in Papyrus is such an alluring sight! The pink and white blooms will surely make you stand out even if your only on your sweatshirts and pants!

With their beautiful and gorgeous work of art embroidered on their sneakers, combined with their ultra-soft and secure cushioning, their Floral Parkway is made to be your everyday sneaker!

Looking at the Floral Parkway collection, it is understandable if you find yourself wanting to buy them all! After all, the work of art that your feet will be wearing plus the comfort it brings is surely worth your money!

HOWEVER, if you are the kind of person who is into Do-It-Yourself here is a tutorial video that might help you start the project:

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