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Elderly woman living alone finds unlikely friend to raise her spirits

They say that we should be used about being on our own, because we were born alone in this world. Yet, it is undeniable that we also need to have a genuine companion to experience and share life with. After all, no man is an island- and no human can truly live without the warmth of human connection.

Such is in the case of Sally Rewehooeern, a 92-year-old widow who lives in the United States. Since Sally chose to leave her hometown, Holland, in the year 1953, she has been on her own after the untimely demise of her beloved husband. For 27 years, Sally found herself comfortable with silence and isolation.

Sally was already used and comfortable of being alone, until she crossed path with Brody- an adorable and charming Saint Bernard!

Sally’s neighbors used to have a dog who recently passed away. To move on from Blizzard’s saddening death, her neighbors had decided to welcome a new dog into their family. They brought home the 15-week-old Saint Bernard whom they fondly call as Brody.

Delighted by his new environment, Brody wasted no opportunity to explore his neighborhood. As soon as Brody was brought home he already wandered around the neighborhood. As it turned out, Brody found himself standing in front of Sally’s home and instantly made friends with the old woman.

The adorable Saint Bernard pup warmed Sally’s heart and reminded her how it feels like to be responsible for another’s life. Now, Sally’s heart is full of love and happiness thanks to the adorable canine!

Today, the two wonderful being are rarely seen without the other. Brody loves spending his day by following Sally wherever she goes. Be it in Sally’s yard when she’s tending her garden or her car when she has to go somewhere, Brody is always ready to keep her company.

Sally said that Brody’s presence reminded her of her happy childhood memories. Growing in a farm in Holland, Sally was often surrounded by dogs. Thus being with the Saint Bernard raised her spirits and kept her heart warm.

“From the moment he sees me he’s so happy,” Sally said. “Brody really loves me – Dave says it’s my voice.”

Now, Sally’s skies is often sunny, she’s looking forward to live every day because she has Brody to spend it with. In fact, the 92-year-old woman is active than ever and glows with life.
The positive effects brought by Brody- the adorable Saint Bernard dog to Sally’s life is not really mystifying. After all, numerous studies have shown that spending time with animals can be very beneficial to the health of the elders.

According to Dr. William Banks of Saint Louis University, the elders who are living in a nursing home reportedly feels happier after spending time with a dog.

According to Dr. Banks, being around companion animals such as dogs and cats relieve stress. Being around these friendly animals lend a listening ear to people who are living in isolation. In addition, study shows that those living with companion animals have a reduced chance of developing disorders such as depression due to the therapeutic effect induced by talking or petting animals.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sally, the 92-year-old widow whose grey life turned colorful thanks to her neighbor’s adorable puppy!

Photos and Video | Nollygrio and Blizzard/Lulu

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.