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Amazon delivery driver’s act of kindness touches cancer patient in chemotherapy

Amazon Driver’s Act of Kindness Inspires Cancer Patient in Chemotherapy

This Amazon delivery driver went above and beyond to give a South Carolina man battling cancer a dose of encouragement.

Everyone is required to adhere to social distancing protocols, but it’s even more essential for individuals with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems.

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Carlos Pagan and his wife, Denise, left a stop sign on their door to let visitors know why they can’t answer the door. It’s not because they’re on vacation, it’s for a more unfortunate reason – Carlos was diagnosed with blood cancer in March and is undergoing chemotherapy.

One day, an Amazon delivery driver went to their house to drop off a package. He saw the sign posted outside and came back later that day to deliver something else – a message of love and encouragement. He left flowers and a card with a heartfelt message on their front steps, signed “Antonio.”

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The couple was surprised with the driver’s sweet gesture, Even though they were strangers, the man took his time to help someone he didn’t know feel better.

“It really, really touched me, um, for him, you know, especially after he had delivered our package to come back. So he went out of his way to, to go purchase the flowers and the card and bring it back to the house,” Carlos said of his reaction to Antonio’s simple gift.

But just when they thought that was the last time they’d see him, Antonio came back a week later just to check in on Carlos. The two met and spoke through the window, exchanging names, stories, and words of encouragement.

Amazon delivery driver leaves flowers for patient.

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“He wasn’t delivering any packages to us on Sunday, he just wanted to make sure whoever was undergoing the cancer treatment was okay,” Denise recalled. “His eyes brightened up when he saw him, and he told him, ‘I want you to know you’re going to be okay and you’re going to be walking soon.'”

Carlos learned that the Amazon delivery driver recently lost his mother and grandmother to cancer, so he understood his plight.

“I’d want it to thank him. And I told him that it really meant a lot to me. And he said, you know, I just wanted to do something because I lost my mother and my grandmother last year to cancer. And, um, it really hit home with me. And, um, it was just awesome. What he did was absolutely awesome,” Carlos said.

Touching note written by Amazon delivery driver.

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The deeply spiritual Carlos took the kind gesture as a sign from God, saying that a ray of light came through the blinds when Antonio walked away from his window.

Another delivery driver who brought more than just a package to a customer’s home is this FedEx driver. Lisa Menzies and her husband were out of town when their golden retriever, Catcher, escaped from their home. At the time, they were getting repairs done on the house. The contractor left to have his lunch and made sure to shut their front door, but a breeze blew it open, and the dog escaped.

Amazon delivery driver talks to cancer patient.

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Luckily, the three-year-old pup wasn’t left wandering the streets alone for too long. A FedEx driver came across him while he was on his route and sent Lisa a text message to inform her that he found her dog. The Good Samaritan took note of the address written on his tag and delivered the furry package there.

In a video captured by the family’s Ring doorbell camera, the driver can be seen carefully carrying the dog into the house. Lisa appreciated that he interrupted his delivery just to get the adventurous pooch safely back home.

Indeed, there are a lot of kindhearted people in the world, and these two delivery drivers are the perfect example!

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