Young man walks 17 miles daily for work until a stranger gave him a ride and changed his life forever

For Donte Franklin, going the extra mile for work is nothing new. In fact, he does it every single day.

Here’s his incredible story, and we hope it inspires you just as it has inspired those who have heard of it.

Michael Lynn was out running some errands on June 15 on a scorching day in Oklahoma when he spotted a shirtless young man walking down the street.

As he came back around, Michael sees him again. He thought the lad was walking a long way, so he pulled up beside him and asked if he needed a ride.

Donte Franklin walking to Buffalo Wild Wings

The young man answered, “Yes, sir!” and got into the car. Michael learned that his name was Donte Franklin and that he was only 20 years old.

When asked about his destination, Donte told him he was walking to Buffalo Wild Wings on the other side of town. Upon hearing that, Michael was shocked because he knew that it was roughly an 8-mile walk.

Donte works as a chef there. And to make it to work on time, he has to leave the house three hours before his shift starts. Then, once the day is done, he does the same 8-mile walk back home.

The facade of a Buffalo Wild Wings

That means Donte walks an average of five and a half hours a day and roughly 17 miles just to get to and from work. And the amazing thing about it is that he has never been late or missed a shift.

When they arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings, Donte pulled a clean shirt out of his backpack. Michael asked him if he had any money to eat, and he said no, so he handed him $20 and went on his way.

Michael was so impressed with Donte’s work ethic that he was compelled to share his story on Facebook. His post quickly went viral.

“I’m thinking this young man is truly on a mission to survive!” he wrote. “During the trip over there he told me a lot about himself because I asked … I just want to wish him well … may God bless him and I hope his days get better for him!”

Michael wanted to help Donte, so he created a GoFundMe for him so he can afford to buy a car for work. Incredibly, the fundraiser has collected $47,920 as of this writing, far exceeding its $2,000 goal!

“I can really help my family with this,” Donte said. “It’s just a really good blessing.”

Donte Franklin and Michael Lynn

However, Donte has yet to get his driver’s license. So while he waits, a local bicycle club stepped in and gave him a bike.

When asked where he draws his strength, Donte told Fox News that he gets it from his mother. Sadly, she died of Hepatitis C when he was 16-years-old.

“After she passed away it’s just been hard for me,” Donte said.

This beautiful story proves that a small act of kindness can lead to greater things. It started with one person who wanted to make a difference in a young man’s life, and now, it has grown into a community-wide mission.

And the recipient of this act of kindness couldn’t be more deserving.

Michael Lynn and Donte Franklin with his new bike

“If it can make just one person go help someone else that’s all that matters,” Michael said.

He is also glad that he got a new friend in Donte.

“As long as he wants to, I want to keep him in my life and I want to be in his life,” Michael said. “This is what I told him, if the Lord opens the door for you, walk through it, walk through, and I think it’s open for him and the rest is up to him.”

Donte is studying to be a welder and hopes to use the GoFundMe donations to buy a car and help his family.

Watch the video below from KOCO 5 News to learn more about this hardworking young man.

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  1. Great story! Am in awe of Donte’s commitment to his job and the sacrifice he was willing to make to keep it. Equally impressed I am, however, by the gentleman named Michael Lynn and the lady named Kerri Collins, who both, through an awesome act of kindness, helped this young man in such a beautiful way. Just loving it! Yes, people are truly awesome.

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