Dog who lost both owners to coronavirus finds loving forever home

In the past few months, families all over the world have been grieving the loss of loved ones due to coronavirus. More recently, another concern has come to light – what happens to pets that are suddenly left without their family?

In New Jersey, Monmouth County SPCA is currently caring for a New Jersey dog after both owners tragically died of COVID-19.

Monmouth County SPCA shared that the poodle named Che-Che arrived at their shelter earlier this month, and was “scared and shaking.” The SCPA wrote, “We can’t imagine what it’s like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she’s ever known and then end up in an unfamiliar place.”

Monmouth County SPCA

The staff readily comforted the terrified dog even through their personal protective equipment. They initially kept the nine-pound dog in isolation before bathing her carefully in hot soap and water.

In the message, the Monmouth County SPCA added, “In the coming days, Che-Che will receive some veterinary care, including a dental, spay and vaccines plus a warm bubbly bath so that rubbery gloves and crinkly gowns are no longer needed to give her some affection!

When Che-Che is ready, we plan to honor the family and those they lost by finding this sweet little girl the perfect home.”

Monmouth County SPCA

Monmouth County SPCA explained that unfortunately, in these difficult and uncertain times, Che-Che may just be the first of many other animals that might require safe havens and new homes.

The SCPA said, “We’re asking for your support NOW so that we can ensure every animal has a loving place to call home while they’re temporary without one.”

To fully support animals that may be orphaned due to the coronavirus crisis, Monmouth County SPCA announced that it had established the “Compassion Counts” Matching Gift Campaign, with all funds going to abandoned animals who need veterinary care before they are adopted.

The SCPA stated, “Thanks to a generous and anonymous donor, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $200,000. Your love and compassion have meant so much to us in the past, and through this matching gift opportunity, you can make an even greater impact on those animals like Che-Che who deserve a second chance.”

Monmouth County SPCA

The campaign has raised $57,772 of a goal of $200,000.

Since the story has been widely shared on social media, more people have shown interest in fostering or adopting pets like Che-Che who have lost their family to the virus. And with more people staying home, more families have also been taking in pets for companionship in quarantine.

In an update, Monmouth County SPCA shared, “We’ve all seen how COVID-19 is affecting businesses, events, families and now we’re faced with the reality of it taking a toll on our community’s pets.”

And it seems like Che-Che is well on her way to finding a new and loving home! Monmouth County SPCA happily announced, “Thank you for all of your inquiries about Che-Che! We can only consider those applicants without children or other pets to adopt her.

Monmouth County SPCA

Applications are being reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and unfortunately, with our limited staff, we will not be able to return every email and phone call. We will be SURE to find Che-Che the perfect home!”

In their latest post, Monmouth County SPCA thanked everyone who shared and empathized with Che-Che.

“We know this little girl will make a family very happy and it’s our goal to find her a home that will honor her family members who have passed from COVID-19. Our team has been working non-stop evaluating her adoption inquiries and we commend them for their tremendous effort! Che-Che and hundreds of other Monmouth County SPCA animals are in a soft bed, with a nutritious meal and a hopeful future, because of your support – THANK YOU!”

UPDATED: We are happy to share the awesome news that Che-Che found a new family that will love her forever. The shelter received hundreds of requests to adopt her, giving her a home was not a problem the challenge was giving her a LOVING FOREVER HOME. Below is the Facebook post and video released by the shelter:

“We had a very special weekend here at the MCSPCA! After literally hundreds of inquiries about Che-Che, we finally found her the most perfect home! Our girl Che-Che received the highest quality care (and lots of cuddles) with us after losing her human dad to COVID-19. We knew that the only way to honor her family was to find her a place where she could live out the rest of her life living like the princess she is.”