Dog who waited on the porch for weeks after being left by family is looking for a new home

When this family left their dog after moving out of their home, the loyal pet spent most of his time on the porch waiting for their return. Sadly, however, it was pointless for Cupid to wait – his family was never coming back for him.

Dogs are such innocent and lovable creatures that it’s hard to imagine why anyone would do such a thing. Poor Cupid didn’t understand that the people he trusted and loved left him – all he knew was that if he waited long enough, he would see them again.


Neighbors called Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, to notify her about Cupid’s situation. For weeks, the dog had been roaming around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and sleeping on the porch.

“All I was told was that his owners moved out and left him behind,” Janine told The Dodo. “I asked multiple other people if they knew anything about the dog and they just said, ‘They moved out.'”

Janine drove to Cupid’s home and found him eating out of a dumpster. She tried to approach him but the dog, as it appeared, was distrustful of strangers. He ran back to his safe place – the porch – and began jumping up and scratching at the door, waiting for someone to let him in. That moment broke Janine’s heart.


When no one opened the door, Cupid bolted and ran down the alleys away from Janine. She chased him around for 30 minutes until she figured out a way to appease him. Hoping to gain his trust, Janine spoke to him and told him she was there to help him. Cupid acted as if he understood every word she said.

“It sounds dumb but I swear he knew what I was saying to him,” she said. “He literally came over and sat down and allowed me to leash him.”


Janine cried as she led Cupid into the passenger’s seat of her car. During the ride home, she continued to explain to him what was going on.

Since arriving at the rescue, she says that the dog had been “nothing but the sweetest soul.”

“He has been nothing but the sweetest gentleman since coming to the rescue,” Janine said. “You can tell he’s still really confused. But he is happy to meet everyone with a wagging tail.”


Cupid is a little guy, weighing about 45 to 50 pounds. He has hair loss and some scarring on his body and hind end. Once the dog completes all his vet appointments and gets neutered, he will be ready for adoption.

Janine says that Cupid is big on hugs and has the kindest eyes, which is why she is optimistic that he will find a new family in no time. So far, she has received over 50 applications for him!

Updated 09/27/20 : We asked the shelter if Cupid has been adopted already. Here is their answer:

“He has not. He needs a special home. He is kind of a one person dog. Cupid is good with dogs but needs a home with no kids or cats. A one person low key home would be best for him. He seems to do better only being with one person at a time.”

If you think Cupid will be perfect for you, please fill out an adoption form on Speranza Animal Rescue’s website. We’re hoping that this loyal dog finds the perfect home soon!