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Rescue dog refuses to let go of his new owner’s arm on the ride to his new home

A video of a rescued dog together with his new ‘dad’ has won the hearts of people online. People who have seen the viral footage can’t help but gush over the remarkable closeness between the two.

And while it is not unusual for dogs and their owners to share a close relationship, the dog on the said video just wouldn’t let go of his dad’s hand- even in the middle of their road trip on the way to his new home.

Sam Clarence

Based on the viral video, it is safe to say that the dog is grateful to his new ‘dad’ for giving him a new home. It is quite hard to imagine the life this dog previously had and now he’s blessed that his given a second chance in life.

Sam Clarence, the man on the video, was a volunteer at a Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand. He dedicated some of his time in the shelter as a dog walker. It was there that he first met the clingy dog in the footage- Stanley.

Sam Clarence

Years have passed, but Clarence vividly remembers the first time he laid his eyes on Stanley. The clingy dog was just a 6-month-old puppy back then. He was rescued on an abandoned property with his mom and another puppy.

The rescue shelter tapped Clarence and wondered if he could take care of one of the rescued puppies for a couple of weeks.

Although Clarence was only supposed to nurture Stanley until the shelter could find a permanent home for him, he admitted that he knew there’s a chance he would be a fail foster.

“He was terrified when we got home, and it took him an hour to slowly come out of the car,” Clarence recalled the day he brought Stanley home. “Once he got out, I gave him a big bath, some food and a comfy bed in front of the fire.”

Sam Clarence

It took some time, but Clarence was patient and helped Stanley adjust to living in his home. During this time, he did not only give Stanley a roof to live in; he also shared his bed with the rescued puppy.

“As a pup, he would sleep with me on the bed and we could never not be touching,” Clarence shared. “He would lay behind me and always have at least a paw touching my back; if I moved, he moved.”

Sam Clarence

Because of their closeness, Clarence completely fell for Stanley, and Stanley warmed up to Clarence. Clarence decided to welcome Stanley into his home and as his official new dog-parent. And Stanley blossomed from a shy and frightful puppy into a clingy dog.

The viral dog may not be a puppy anymore, but he did not outgrow his habit of always touching Clarence. No matter where they are, Stanley would always ask Clarence to hold him- even if Clarence is driving.

Sam Clarence

“We have to be touching at all times,” Clarence shared with The Dodo. “He’s very forceful about it.”

“If I’m driving we have to be in contact, or he will force it upon me,” Clarence said. “If we are watching TV, [the] same thing. I will get paws flying at me until I touch him. It’s just his quirk. If I’m not around, he will do it to my housemate as well.”

Clarence calls Stanley a ‘velcro dog’ because of his clingy nature. This is a term coined for dogs who insist on being by their owner’s side all the time.

Sam Clarence

Fortunately for Stanley, Clarence doesn’t mind his constant need of petting. In fact, Clarence often takes him in outdoor adventures around New Zealand.

“He just lives to please so goes with the flow,” Clarence added. “He’s a very happy chappy and a laugh a minute. I’ve never known a dog with such a big personality.”

Sam Clarence

They say that for some, dogs may only be a part of our lives… But to them, we are their whole word. Clarence and Stanley’s sweet closeness is a beautiful testimony of this old saying.

Watch the viral video of Clarence and Stanley from The Dodo.

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